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Best Way To Use The Pax 3 | Get The Most Out Of It

April 22, 2019

Best Way To Use The Pax 3 | Get The Most Out Of It

Usually, most vaporizers have a way in which you can use it to make sure you’re getting the most your of your product and your device. The PAX 3 is one of those devices which have certain little tricks which you can apply to make your vaping sessions the best every single time, and to get the absolute most out of your product. Below you will see a bit about each of our tricks, and we hope it can help you experience the best vaping session every time!

Finely Grind and Pack Your Product

The Pax 3 usually works best when the oven is packed tightly and when the herb is finely ground as well. To achieve this it's best to use a grinder that has very strong teeth, that way you can finely grind the herb to the perfect consistency before packing it into your device. There are many great grinders on the market today, so I recommend taking a look and are grinders here on HerbalizeStore.CA. For the PAX 3, you might find that the Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder or the Head Chef Razor grinder are exactly what you need, and I highly recommend both of them.


On another note, to correctly pack the Pax 3 all you have to do is: collect your finely ground product and simply pack into the Pax oven until you just can't pack anymore. Of course, there is a limit to how much you should pack depending on the lid that you're using, and I don't recommend ever going over the top of the oven; that way you can still correctly close the oven and you can get the best heating possible.

Create Pressure Within the PAX Oven

Another great way that you can get the best heat consistency within your oven  is to apply pressure on the product which you have packed into the oven. One way to do this is by using a screen or filter.

The guide suggests going about it this way:

  1. Wrap a nickel-sized screen around a pen or pencil to give it a curve.
  2. Pack your Pax 3 as tightly as possible as mentioned above.
  3. Place your screen (which is now in a U shape) with the open ends facing upwards on top of the bud that you have put inside of the oven, and make sure you can still close the lid. Vape normally.

The reason we are going through all these steps is because the screen itself is a bit springy and flexible, and by putting it in the position which we have indicated you will then create a pressure on the product inside the oven, and you'll be able to achieve the most consistent overall heating because all of the product that you have packed with in the oven has been tightly packed, and on top of that has been pressured a bit.

This tip is more for overall herb efficiency, meaning that by getting a more consistent contact with the oven, you're more likely to use all of the herb. Therefore, of course it's going to help your overall heating, but it's also going to help you to get the most out of your herb and help you save money, save battery power, and save time.

Pax 3 Oven

When Discreteness is Key, Vape on “Stealth Mode”

As you know, the Pax 3 comes complete with the option to use it with an app which you can control through Bluetooth. This app actually has a mode which allows users to go about vaping as they normally would in public, except for without all of the unwanted attention. The Stealth Mode minimizes the temperatures for you and dims the indicator lights on the Pax 3 unit itself, that way you can go about in public vaping as usual; comfortably, discreetly, and happily.

I highly recommend using the Stealth Mode in public or at parties because not only do you not have to think about having to change the temperature settings all the time, but you can also just go about your vaping sessions knowing that you're not attracting a whole bunch of attention that you could probably do well without.

Use Your PAX 3 App Settings

The Pax 3 App is there to make you life easier, and your vaping better; so why not use it to your advantage? Some people prefer to control everything manually and on their own, but in all honesty, it is much better to use the PAX 3 app because you’ll be able to choose exactly what your vape session is like in only a few clicks.

The Pax 3 app has different “heating profiles”, which are pre-set temperature variations which allow you to get the absolute most out of your product, your vaporizer, and your vaping sessions in general. For example, the standard setting on your heating profiles will automatically alter the temperature of your vaporizer as you go along in your vaping session. This makes your vaping experience as good as possible, and it also eliminates the necessity of having to alter the temperatures by yourself throughout your sessions. Anyway, I highly recommend trying this out!

ALWAYS Clean Your Vape Oven

Pax 3's

One of the most, if not the most essential part of keeping your Pax 3 clean and functioning well is always cleaning out your oven. If you do not clean out your oven post-session, you will find that your Pax 3 isn't going to function well because it is clogged and sticky and gooey, and all that junk is not allowing the heat to go through your oven chamber correctly, and you're not going to get as much heat or as much air flow as you are supposed to; and quite frankly, you're not going to be satisfied with the performance of your Pax 3.

Therefore, to avoid being dissatisfied with the way that your Pax 3 is operating, never forget to clean out your oven and empty it out after each session. Yes, I know that it can be quite time consuming and quite a hassle if you think about it that way, but when you realize that its most essential to the functionality of your Pax 3 I hope that it seems like less of a hassle and more like something that is fun and good to do.

The only way to ensure perfect airflow and heating is by keeping the oven spotless; and though you might find it to be a bit of a hassle, once you compare the functionality of your Pax 3 before and after cleaning it, you will become more than obsessed with keeping it spotless!

Save Herb. Use the Half-Pack Lid.

Some people feel that a lot of herb is lost to vaporizers due to the fact that they usually leave quite a bit of residue or un-vaporized herb. This may be due to the fact that you may not be packing the oven or chamber correctly; but it also may be due to the fact that you're packing simply too much for what you are to consume in one session. Due to this fact, you may find yourself spending a lot more on herb or product and using a lot less than you had expected in your sessions.

To be able to do away with all of these kinds of problems, I highly recommend using the Half-Pack lid, which is unique to the Pax 3. This lid allows you to fill the oven tightly, but it doesn't require as much as it required to before to be fully packed. This is great because you will be able to pack the lid well as it is indicated above, you won't be using as much herb, and you are sure to use all that you packed into the chamber. It’s a win-win!

PAX 3 Extra Tips and Tricks

Above you have an array of different types of tricks that you can apply towards making your Pax 3 give you the best sessions it possibly can. But one of the best tips I can personally give you is to read the user manual.

The user manual on most of the vaporizers on the market today will be super informative and will allow you to understand what makes your vaporizer function correctly; and it'll provide you with guidelines as to how to care for it how to keep the vaporizer working well, along with how to get the most out of the vaporizer itself.

Many of the tips and tricks that you can see on blogs today such as this one usually come from what the user manual says. Of course, the user manual isn't going to say “your a vaporizer won't work if…”, but it will definitely provide you with certain tips and tricks that the manufacturers have found to be the best ones. Therefore I highly recommend taking an in-depth look at your user manual, for you will usually find much more than just instructions on how to turn it on and off

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