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Top 10 dry herb vaporizers (2019)

December 18, 2018

Top 10 dry herb vaporizers (2019)

In the last year, there has been many new vaporizers shaking up the industry. We at Herbalize Store have reviewed some of the best dry herb vaporizers (both old and new) and put them in what we thought was their strongest category. You are going to see some new vapes.

The Top 10 dry herb vaporizers (2019)

So first lets have a quick run through of the list:

Category Vaporizer Price Discount (10%)
Most Compact DaVinci MIQRO £143.00 COMPACT
Overall Portable Arizer Air 2 £229.00 PORTABLE
Most Portable/Discreet Arizer Go | ARGO £199.00 DISCREET
Best Vapor Quality Hydrology 9  £179.95 QUALITY
Best Battery Life Storz & Bickel Mighty £279.00 BATTERY
Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer Black Mamba Vaporizer £38.99 CHEAP
Best Portable Vaporizers Under £200 Boundless CFV £199.00 U200
Best Portable Vaporizers Under £100 Boundless CFC 2.0 £69.00 U100
Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under £60 Black Widow £59.00 U60
Best Dry Herb Vape Pen G Pen Pro £89.00 PEN
Best Vape for groups Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic £328.00 GROUPS
Best Budget Desktop Vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q £159.00 BUDGET

TOP VAPES listed In Categories

Best Battery Life  - STORZ & BICKEL - MIGHTY

The Storz and Bickel Mighty Vaporizer

Buy Storz & Bickel Mighty

The Storz & Bickel Mighty is perhaps the most powerful of handheld portable vaporizers out there is the vape industry. It's simple ease of use, ‘mighty’ battery life and patented combination of hot air convection heating and additional conduction make it a titan in its arena.

 Without a doubt, the Mighty vaporizer has the best battery life in the game. Due to its larger size over the Crafty, the Mighty has double the battery life, 90 minutes compared to the Craftys 45 minutes. The mighty also charges twice as fast as the Crafty, 45 minutes versas somewhere around a two hour charging session (the Mighty uses a 6ft proprietary charger compared to the Crafty’s 2.5ft USB charger). Another unique point of the Mighty is you can plug it in and use it right away when the battery has been drained, compared with the Crafty you have to wait about 25 minutes for it to charge to 20%.  

The Mighty is designed to be durable. They are tough, well built and definitely reliable making it one of the most popular vapes around the world. They are very popular is Canada due to their rugged nature and lack of glass parts that could break if dropped. If you want a vaporizer that could survive a rough and ready outdoor lifestyle, this may be your choice.

 The Mighty vaporizer has straightforward temperature settings rather than an app for simplicity unlike the Crafty. The Mighty can also be easily used for wax, simply use the concentrate pad which comes in the box. The Mighty is also very easily cleaned as top unscrews.

 The con of the Mighty is also what gives its strengths. The size of the Mighty can be seen as awkward, it won’t fill snuggly in your pocket and may be hard to carry around with you everyday but the Mighty fits nicely in a hoodie or backpack. The Mighty is a no brainier to include on the best dry herb vaporizers 2019. 



Most Compact  - DaVinci MIQRO

davinci miqro

Buy DaVinci MIQRO

Have you met the newest addition to the DaVinci family, the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer?. Taking on its well known big brothers such as the DaVinci IQ, the MIQRO is and does everything the IQ can, but only smaller, making it in our opinion one of the most compact vaporizers out in the market.

The MIQRO is said to be 33% smaller than the IQ though contrary to public thinking, the smaller size doesn't compromise any quality functionality of the MIQRO. You can comfortably slip it into your pocket even with the extended mouthpiece still attached.

The DaVinci MIQRO UK is available in two different versions, the standard version and the explorers collection. The standard version comes with the extended mouthpiece, USB cable and cleaning kit. The explorers collection contains the same as the standard version but also has a carrying case, extra 18350 battery with carry can and grinder card. A great grinder makes it even better.  

The DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer sports a handsome look just like the IQ with an anodized aluminum body for all out durability and zirconium ceramic airpath for best purity. The IQ’s pearl on the inside of the chamber also makes it over, its stronger and can be used to adjust the size of the oven to allow for smaller doses.

The smart path heat setting also features with four heating paths giving you more control than most larger vapors.

The only big drawback of Davinci MIQRO is the battery life but what can you really expect from a vaporizer this size with all the functionality and more of larger vaporizers. You can get about four or five sessions lasting around five minutes each before you need to recharge the battery. Fortunately this problem was foreseen by designers and the explorers collection offers a second battery, so simply change the battery so you can keep going for double the time.

If you want to learn more, read our DaVinci MIQRO review here.

Best Overall Portable  - ARIZER AIR 2

arizer air 2

Buy Arizer Air 2

Arizer have been busy and brought the Arizer Air into the 21st century with the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer. The Arizer Air 2 has been upgraded with a pleasing digital screen with temperature and session controls, improved battery life, improved airflow and now micro USB charging. With these upgrades and Arizer’s hybrid convection - conduction heating makes the Arizer one of the best or if not the best overall portable.

The Air 2’s vapor quality stays consistent with the Air 1, very good but not much better than the Air 1. Some users feel the draw restriction has slightly been improved on the Air 2 but there is no real changes apart from that. Its perhaps hard to improve when the Air 1 vapor quality was already very good.

The temperature controls are a considerable improvement in the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer . As with the Air 1, you only had five temperature options to choose from, the Air 2 offers the bonus of fully controlling your temperature, allowing to the exact degree.

The portability of the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer hasn't changed from the original, you still have to carry it in its carry case and use caps for the stems. The battery life has definitely improved from the first, a 25% improvement to be exact, you can now get about six sessions at 13 minutes a piece. The charging time is somewhere between one hour and 20 minutes and now can be charged with a micro USB.

The Air 2 is also more easy to use than the Air 1 and a beginner would have no trouble picking this up and using it. The screen is user friendly and the precision temperature is more helpful than the colour system before. A con of the Air 2 as well as the Air 1 is the discreteness, the glass stem sticks out and is quite hard to conceal what your doing if your hiding your vaporizer.

If you want to learn more, read our Arizer Air 2 review here.


Most Portable/Discreet  - ARIZER GO | ARGO

arizer argo 200

Buy Arizer ARGO

The Arizer GO or the ARGO is the latest of Arizer’s releases and it delivers on something that was lacking from other Arizer’s products, extremely portable and very discreet. The ARGO features an all glass vapour path, full temperature spectrum, removable battery while being a very compact unit. This vaporizer may the choice if your constantly on the go and moving around due to its discreteness and probability.

The ARGO shares great vapor quality like the rest of its family. The all glass pathway allows for tasteful rips, which may be helped by the neutral taste of glass compared to most portables that use plastic. It’s quite hard to get any serious sized clouds from the ARGO but can still get some visible vapor, this may be a strength if your trying to be discreet in a crowded area.

The temperature flexibility of the Arizer GO vaporizer also follows suit with the latest Arizer vaporizers releases, precision temperature control which offers a full temperature range of 50 - 220 degrees Celsius. The temperature buttons are directly below the device and very ease to use and change. Temperature is also easy to read though does lack haptic feedback.  

The ARGO is the most portable Arizer product and if not the most portable vaporizer on the market to date. Like other Arizer units, it acts mostly the same with glass aroma tube though ups it game as the glass tube sits more in the vaporizer meaning only the tip of the tube is exposed and with a folding shield to ensure it is protected from damage, while all fitting inside your pocket. The ARGO is also one of the discrete units on the market, The vaporizer is near fully concealed in your hand and produces very little vapor to attract any onlookers.

The battery life in the Arizer GO vaporizer is pretty similar if not exact to the above Arizer Air 2 above taking somewhere around an hour and 20 minutes to charge.  You may also find you get less battery out of the ARGO than the Air 2 as sessions take longer with the ARGO.

If you want to learn more, read our Arizer GO / ARGO review


Best Vapor Quality  - HYDROLOGY 9

hydrology 9

Buy Hydrology 9

Cloudious 9 released the Hydrology 9 vaporizer, the tech advanced dry herb vaporizer of 2018, or as we see it, the water bong of our generation. In our opinion at Herbalize Store, we feel it will give you the best quality vapor quality.

The Hydrology 9 stands out compared to other vaporizers due to its unique water filtration system built inside itself. The water filtration system cools the vapor and enhances it which is why we think if your in the market for the best vapor quality, you may have your match. Drawing your vapor through the water filtration system also may bring some users back to fond memories of their first water bong. One of the reasons its on the best dry herb vaporizers 2019.

The Hydrology 9 vaporizer looks good too with its futuristic style, its body is made out of aerospace grade aluminium with high quality glass. It has a detachable borosilicate glass wide mouth piece with anti leak liquid valve for ease of cleaning and comfort. The Hydrology has been built to it won’t break easily even after a couple of falls.   

The Hydrology 9 also features a rather unusually large oven compared to other vapors its size and a fancy assortment of LED lights to play around with. This might make the Hydrology 9 suitable for a large group sessions with its large oven and LED lights. Cloudious 9 have also put their patented features to good use in their vaporizer, the Hydrology 9 vaporizer features a built in chamber stir which comes in extremely handy, the stir helps prevent tossing good material away or burning through it too fast. One of the best features of the Hydrology 9.

It also goes for ease of use with its adjustable air - intake vents and simple temperature settings. The air - intake vents allow the user to control the ease of which they pull the vapor through the mouthpiece so less draw resistance if your prefer. The temperature settings are also very easy with five settings to find your personal favourite.

If you want to learn more, read our Hydrology 9 review.


Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer  - BLACK MAMBA VAPORIZER

The Black Mamba Vaporizer

 Buy Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is simple and easy to use conduction vaporizer at a very reasonable price. The Black Mamba is functionality isn’t anything new and it isn't the best dry vapor on the market but it is the most affordable option on the market and offers a nearly as good vaping experience as any other.

If you like smoking but are unsure about vaporizers are for you or not, then the Black Mamba vaporizer is the answer for you without hurting your bank account balance. The the vapor flavour is very commendable for the price but vapor production can be rather low.

The temperature settings are very flexible for a vaporiser at this price. There's only one button to turn on / off and adjust the temperature but the Black Mamba has five temperatures that spread out across the vaporization range that the majority of people use. It also has lighting fast heat up times due to its conduction heating system, around 20 - 30 seconds so you don't have to wait long for your first sesh.

The Black Mamba vaporizer is styled with a soft touch rubber material with a glass insert which is a nice touch, though the rubber does feel slightly cheap. Another flaw is the chamber, you have to pack it fully and won't enjoy the same flavour if your about to run out.

The battery has a 1600mAh capacity which will last around an hour of continuous use which isn't the best. Even around near the end of the hour, the performance starts to drop and vaporizers starts struggle to maintain temperature between draws. It also takes around three hours to charge fully which is slightly below average in vaporizers.


Best Portable Vaporizers Under £200  - BOUNDLESS CFV

The Boundless CFV

Buy Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV vaporizer made by Boundless is a full convection vaporizer unlike the rest of its family. Its uniqueness comes from its interchangeable chamber wall systems that allows users to change chamber walls or rings as to customize their vaping experience. It also comes at a good price for a full convention portable.

The CFV is the first vape with its interchangeable chamber ring design. Its comes with rosewood and quartz rings that insulate and absorb heat that differs your draws, the rosewood also gives a soft aromatic undertone. The CFV is good for vapor quality but leave users disappointed if they are going for vapor clouds.

The all plastic build is far from ideal for what you expect from the price but will hold up to wear and tear over the time and falling damage. The CFV vaporizer is the most portbale of Boundless units with its flatter design for pockets and the battery that performs quite well, charging time is between two - three hours and can’t be used during this time.

Some of the cons from user reviews are the lack of bowls per charge, around three eight minutes sessions and the unforgiving non changeable battery.


Best Portable Vaporizers Under £100 - BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0

The Boundless CFC 2.0

Buy Boundless CFC 2.0

Boundless have set out to improve on the original Boundless CFC vaporizer with the new 2.0 and try to make it one of the best budget vaporizers. The CFC 2.0 has been improved by better ergonomics, better performance and just overall increased quality over the orginal CFC. The CFC 2.0 vaporizer sets out to be a strong challenger in the quite abundant budget vaporizer arena.

The CFC 2.0 has definitely upped its game with its vapor quality. The flavour has improved, the bigger chamber allows for heavier hits and there is also less draw resistance, there is also none of that burnt flavour. Cloud production is on the light size but for the budget category, its doing well.

The CFC 2.0 does look cheaper in your hands than other vaporizers with the body and mouthpiece made out of plastic but this is expected for the price of an entry vaporizer. It does feel more ergonomically in your hand than the original. Battery life is medium with five to seven sessions on single charge, the battery is non removable which is a negative. It takes up to 3 hours to recharge the battery fully.

The CFC 2.0 vaporizer is perfect for portability, can easily slide into your pocket and easily concealable in your hand. Due to its shape and size, it's also very discreet. The majority of onlookers will probably mistake it for an e-cigarette.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under £60  - BLACK WIDOW

The Black Widow Vaporizer

The Black Widow vaporizer is probably one of the best budget vaporizers out there and value for your money. It’s pretty straight forward without the bells and whistle but still give you a reasonable to good vapor quality. The Black Widow is conduction heating and  is a optimized for dry herb but also use wax concentrates.

Vapor quality is reasonable to good for the price your paying but that can be expected. The metal mouthpiece is somewhere in the middle for flavour as it tastes better than plastic though still doesn't measure up to glass.

In terms of ease of use, the Black Widow vaporizer is fairly simple with its one button design, holding to turn on / off and pressing once to switch temperatures. The temperature flexibility is just alright, it has five settings ranging from 180cc to 220cc, this slightly out of line with usual for dry herbs.

The battery life is quite good for the price, it has a 2200mAh built in battery which strong enough / lasts to vape both dry herb and waxes. Portability and discreteness aren't the greatest on the Black Widow, the dimensions on it area big higher than some it's designed to be portable counterparts and the burnt smell that comes off the higher temperatures can attract looks.   

If you want to learn more, read our Black Widow review.

Best Dry Herb Vape Pen  - G PEN PRO

G Green Pro

Buy G Pen Pro

One of Grenco Science’s newest releases and updations, the G Pen Pro vaporizer is complete with a smaller size and at attractive price tag. The ease of use, portability and discreteness make it one of the best dry vape pens out there in our opinion, especially for a beginner.

The G Pen Pro is extremely easy to use, a newcomer to vaporizers would be able to pick this us and start using right away. It has one button to control everything, simply click five times to turn it on / off and one click to change the temperature which is shown by the changing LED lights to blue, green and red.

It scores high with its portability and discreteness. It is quite small with dimensions at 116x25x244m so it can easily fit into your pocket. Its aluminium shelling also makes it reasonably protected from falls when your on the move. The G Pen Pro’s small size and black outlook makes it easily concealable in your hand.

The G Pen Pro vaporizer allows the user to choose between three temperature settings spanning a range  from 275 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit, categorised into three colours to best suit the user’s preference. The temperature flexibility is just alright for a vaporizer and a lack of screen at this price range could be better, as cheaper vaporizers are present with screens and more flexibility over temperature. Cons shared among reviewers usually relate to the flavour of the vapor at the start and at the higher temperature isn't the best and the mouthpiece can run quite hot.

The battery life is somewhere between 30-60 minutes on continuous use while takes two - three hours to completely recharge.



Volcano Classic

Buy Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic

The Storz and Bickel Volcano vaporizer is undeniable one of the best desktop vaporizers in the business even after being on the market for a staggering 15 years, it is also hard to argue it is not one of the best vaporizers for groups. In a nutshell, the Volcano works by attaching a balloon over the peak which will inflate with filtered vapour, easy to share perfect for parties and the bag allows the vapour to cool so it's not too hot.

As stunning as the Volcano classic looks from the outside, stable and solid with its cone metal enclosure which serves not only to improve durability but give it that polished high quality look. Though the true magic happens on the inside, the Volcano produces vapor through hot air convection heating system for superior and better tasting flavour.

The ease of use and temperature settings is also what the Volcano Classic vaporizer does well. It is known as one of the easiest vaporizers to pick up and use right away. It uses a rotary dial for temperature control and has accompanying power and fan switches with a heat indicator light. The closed system is extremely helpful and takes out nearly all the human error so you don't burn or waste any of your herbs.   

The Volcano Classic vaporizer does have a newer brother, Volcano Digital, but the big difference between them is the price. The Digital displays a large LCD screen which reads the present temperature, the units use + and - to adjust temperature instead of a rotary dial, there is also auto shutoff function unlike the Classic.

The Volcano also comes with difference valve systems, Solid valve and Easy valve. The solid valve is of durable stainless steel and heat resistant plastic. This option allows for customisable balloon sizes and save you money on them but need to be cleaned. The easy valve system is all about maintenance free design though only offers a single balloon size, it will save you time from cleaning the balloon but will cost you more replacing them. Both valves have Pros and Cons. The Volcano Classic is an obvious choice to be on the best dry herb vaporizers 2019 list.

If you want to learn more, read our Volcano Classic review.


Best Budget Desktop Vaporizer - ARIZER - EXTREME Q

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Buy Arizer Extreme Q

To the point, the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer  is a popular and top quality desktop vaporizer at a good price range. The Extreme Q is made by Arizer which is known for its high quality products at good prices and the Extreme Q does not let this legacy down.

The Extreme Q is known as a ‘multi purpose’ vaporizer. The user can draw from a whip system or fill a balloon with vapour which makes it better for sharing and parties, it also doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser and deodoriser.

The vapour quality is quite good with the Extreme Q vaporizer, either it being from the whip or the balloon. The balloons are a nice additional like the Volcano, as the vapour can be allowed to cool before taking. Both methods deliver excellent vapour that is great tasting and very nicely consistent.

The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer does a good job on temperature flexibility. It comes with a digital temperature display and remote control for handiness. The temperature can be very accurately changed from the digital display or the remote control. The Extreme Q also performs great on both lower and higher temperatures.

The Extreme Q is manufactured very well with improvements made from the older model. The casting is high quality stainless steel mixed with glass parts, and the new temperature displays gives a more clear view to the user compared to the older model. The old circuitry is now replaced with a ‘solid state’ making less noisy, less prone to malfunction and more responsive.  

There is only slight drawbacks from user reviews is the glass can get quite hot from longer sessions and get can break easily from dropping it. There is also no valve on the bags to prevent the vapor from escaping between hits, requiring your finger over the hole in between.

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