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The New 2019 Volcano Hybrid

June 24, 2019

The New 2019 Volcano Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid 2019 Overview

No matter how long you’ve been a part of the vaping community, it is very likely that the Volcano vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has been there longer than you. Since the time that it came out, a bit over a decade ago, the Volcano vaporizer has been a cult favorite, and it remains incredibly popular to this day.

This vaporizer is incredibly different from all vaporizers on the market, and this is not only due to its age, but its design, it is used differently than other vaporizers, and it is always a party-favorite.

Well, after a very long time, a new Volcano vaporizer is to be released! Rumored to be called the Volcano HYBRID, this vaporizer is #1 on the most anticipated vaporizer this year, and it’s there for a reason. Here are the new features it’s rumored to have:

Volcano HYBRID Features - New Volcano Vaporizer

The new Volcano HYBRID is to have hybrid heating, meaning it will now feature a mixture between convection and conduction heating which will keep the amazing hits coming but will give the vapor a much better taste, and much denser clouds than the original version of the vaporizer do.

This new vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is also to have Bluetooth technology integration, meaning it will most likely have the ability to connect to an app of some sort, or could have some sort of party mode.

Additionally, there are a few rumors about the design of the Volcano itself changing. There are speculations that the new version will come with a removable power cable and a new and improved design for the bowl itself.

This is great news because, since the Volcano is a desktop vaporizer, it is still a bit hard to move it around a room, since it has to be connected all the time. But with the removable cable, we will be able to move the fun all around the room.

Also, since the vaporizer will now come with both conduction and convection, it is only natural that Storz & Bickel change the design of the bowl a bit. So we’re all really excited to see just what they come up with, and how they are able to integrate all the benefits of the hybrid heating into our vape sessions.

Release Date for the Volcano HYBRID

Of course, we all want the release date to be, well, now. But like all good things, we have to wait a while before we can see and use the new vaporizer. There is some speculation that the release date is due to be mid-2019, and we really hope it is.

A good thing about this is that it could possibly be in a few months, since we already are in mid-2019. So maybe the wait isn’t as long as we initially think it will be!

Additionally, we do have to consider that it is important to give Storz & Bickel a chance to perfect all the details in their new vaporizer, in order to allow them to make the next best desktop vaporizer, just like the original Volcano vaporizer has been since its release.

Why The New Volcano will be Better than the Original

Ok, ok. It’s a big claim; especially when it comes to such a favorite as the Volcano. But let me explain myself first. The original version of the Volcano vaporizer is super great. It’s big, futuristic, way ahead of its time, and it really does deliver good vapor and a good vaping experience.

But when it comes to technology, I will say that it seems a bit outdated. I mean, even just the addition of Bluetooth connectivity would make this vaporizer 10 times more modern and more up-to-date.

Well, the new Volcano vaporizer won’t just have Bluetooth connection, but it will also have hybrid heating technology (which definitely takes some planning and skill), and it will probably even have an improved control display, and other features.

With all of these new features, the Volcano HYBRID vaporizer will most definitely be up-to-date, upgraded, and will generally fit into 2019 much better. On top of that, I believe that with the new hybrid heating, that it has the capability to perform much better, produce better vape, and a larger quantity of it at that.

Therefore, I’m not saying that the new release will completely out rule the older version, or that it will override the popularity. I just think that it will be altogether better, more updated in terms of technology and features, and much more “2019”.

To conclude, we’re all super excited to see what Storz & Bickel has in-store for us this time. They always deliver incredibly high-quality vaporizers, and I know for sure that the new Volcano vaporizer will not fall far behind in that sense.

So if you want to stay up to date with all the latest Volcano HYBRID rumors, we’ll keep you “in the know”. Just stay tuned, and make sure to check in with us anytime for the latest news about vaporizers, vaping kits, and the best deals on the world wide web.

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