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Beaker Bong W / UFO Perc

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Type: Bong

Beaker Bong W / UFO Perc

This Glass bong is sporting a classic beaker design, its 30 cm tall and it’s made out of high-quality brosolicate glass (4mm) that is heat resistant. The filtration/cooling system on this device consists of a UFO percolator with a new innovative design to ensure you high quality and cool smoke to enjoy. To even further secure the best smoke quality they have added some ice-notches in the stem of the bong so that you can drop some ice down there to cool the rip down if you feel like you need it. The bowl on this bong is a large ad you can fit a good amount of herb in it, it connects with the downstem via the 14.4 male joint and this is all included with your purchase. 


  • Classic Design

  • Heavy Pie

  • Handcrafted

  • Frosted Finish

  • Thick Glass

Technical Specifications

  • Diffuser: Slitted

  • Glass Thickness: 4.5mm

  • Height: 301mm

  • With: 111mm

  • Joint Size: 18.8mm

  • Material: Glass

  • Percolator: UFO

**For legal use only