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Spoon Pipe with Ash Catcher | Grav Labs

Type: Pipes

Grav Labs - Spoon Pipe with Ash Catcher

This borosilicate spoon pipe is one of the finest pieces we stock. If you consider yourself a pipe fan then this is a must, and if you're a newcomer there is no better place to start than with this pipe!

Here we have Grav Labs impressive new line of glass spoon pipes. These borosilicate pipes truly show that the glassblowing team's skills are extremely versatile when coming to creativity and craft.

Designed For A Fantastic Smoke Experience

This highly durable and well-crafted glass pipe is fantastic for the herb fan on the go. The spoon with ash catcher pipe comes in the fan-favorite spoon design and includes a carb hole and also a custom ash catcher mouthpiece. This inventive function stops any ash from reaching the mouthpiece.

Technical Specifications

brand Grav Labs
length 101mm
material Glass
mouthpiece Pinched

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer.

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