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DynaVap M (2018)

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  • For Dry Herb
  • Manual heating
  • No batteries
  • Great value 

Type: Portable

DynaVap M Vaporizer UK Overview

A tough, cheap little pocket vape that gives reasonably high quality vapor and a decent pull. The Dynavap M is right at the lower end of the price range but it does not feel cheap. Made from medical grade stainless steel, you are unlikely to break it.

The cool thing about this vape is that it does not have or need batteries or electricity, the idea is that you heat it up with a torch lighter, cigarette lighter or even coals from a barbeque. Stick in your extracts or ground herbs, apply heat, and get a nice vape in 5 to 10 seconds. This can take a little practice to get right but for sheer small size and convenience, it is a good tool and should last a very long time.


A tiny, interesting take on the vaporizer, the DynaVap M has been recently improved for easier handling and a better toke. The vapor isn’t as hot as it used to be due to the cooling fins they have added and is actually very pleasant. The airflow is improved due to the double helix passages through the body. This also helps cool the vapor.

Solidly made from incredibly tough medical grade stainless steel and made in the USA to the highest standards, you could hammer nails in with this vape. If you’re someone who drops things and breaks expensive vapes, this could be for you. All you need is your extract or herbs, a lighter and your DynaVap M for a good vaping time.

Quick and easy to use, the simplicity of the DynaVap M is very appealing. It takes about 30 seconds to load it, heat it and toke it as there is very little heat up time or things to fiddle with. Once it is loaded, you can get a big cloud of vapour within 3 seconds, depending on the extract and heat source.

Many battery-free vapes can have an odd taste from the metal heating up really fast but this one delivers a very nice tasting vape, whatever you put into it. It takes some getting used to but when you have the knack, the sheer convenience of the device makes it hard to beat, especially for the price.

For the discreet vaper, this is very easily concealed for a quick and barely noticeable vape when you are out and about. Don’t worry about batteries charging, it wearing out or losing bits of it, it is a practical and enjoyable, simple as anything device.

What the manufacturer says about the DynaVap M

Dynavap makes a big deal of the low price, high-quality build and complete simplicity, as well as the recently refined design. Made in the USA and tough as hell, according to them. They are right too!

What customers are saying about the DynaVap M

With a little practice, users are loving the simplicity and ease of use for the M, it’s a great alternative for many people who don’t want to wait around while their device charges, or have to swap in and out lots of fiddly things. It is possible to get a really good vape out of this, that’s one of the main appeals.

Looks a bit like a lightsabre.

Whats In the DynaVap M box

  • 1x DynaVap M
  • 1x Storage Case

DynaVap M Technical Specifications

Size (length, width, height in centimeters)

9.2cm x 1.5cm

Weight (in grams)


Temperature range (in Celsius)

Whatever your heat source provides

Temperature settings

None – change temp with heat source

Heat source

Lighter, coals, anything really hot

Chamber/oven material

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Heat up time (in seconds)

About 10 seconds

Types of material usable inside

Dry leaf / wax / extract

Dry herb capacity (in grams)


Extract attachment


Control / setting interface


Delivery method

Direct pull

Body material

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Mouthpiece material

Medical Grade Stainless Steel



Made in


Designed in


Release date




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