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About Herbalize Store

We plant a tree for every sold device

Herbalize Shop is your premiere online retailer. We are selling hand picked quality Devices within UK, USA and Canada. The people behind Herbalize Store is a small team of dedicated herbalizing enthusiast that are driven by a large portion of passion. We are very committed to deliver the best products, customer support and terms in the business. We strive to offer the fastest shipping times with same day processing and every purchase comes with free items. When you buy a Device at HerbalizeStore.com, you can be sure it works as advertised and that you get the guidance and support you need for a smooth transaction. If you have any questions feel free to contact our customer support, we are always happy to help.

Free shipping on all UK orders

These devices are really expensive products, so we want to offer our customers free shipping on all UK orders. We also ship all our orders in discreet packages and always ship it the same day or within one business day of your purchase.

Tree Plant Project

We believe that every person or organization who are contributing to a consumptionist society where they leave a clear carbon dioxide footprint behind, should give something back to mother earth to lower the impact you make. To us it´s an obvious step to take so that we can secure the well being of our planet for the next generations to come. To do our small part we have partnered up with the amazing people at Community Carbon Trees in Costa Rica. We will help them both on ground level by planting trees, but also by making a donation of every sale we make on HerbalizStore.com


Learn more about our Tree Plant Project

We’re here to make the world a better place for fellow herbalizing enthusiasts so if any questions will arise please feel free to send us a message.