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Wax Vaporizer Collection

Wax vaporizers are one of the coolest developments in portable vaping technology in recent years, and a booming vape category in UK. Wax vaporizer pens are small, quick and convenient, tasty, and pack a serious punch.But which one to add to your collection? Which to choose and why choose that one? How do they work? Why get a wax vape pen when you could get a dry herb vape? And what is a dab pen – is it the same thing?

Why Add Wax Vaporizers to your Collection?

A wax vaporizer uses a small amount of highly concentrated herbal extract to deliver an incredibly tasty hit in a short time at maximum convenience. Users can get immediate results without some of the fiddling of a conduction dry herb vape. One of the greatest things about a wax vape is the size: they can be tiny. Plus, they can be very cheap.

The taste and effect of a concentrate vaporizer is quite different to vaping dry herb. It is a matter of preference but some say the deepest flavours are to be had from a good dab rig or dab pen.

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Is a Wax Vaporizer the Same as a Dab Rig?

Dab is another name for concentrate, the wonderfully sticky goo that you get when you extract our favourite herb. Waxes are dabs and dabs are waxes. However, a dab rig is a usually complicated machine that gets a bit of dab on the end of a very hot metal rod and vaporizes it that way. A wax vaporizer can be a chamber that you put your wax or dab into to heat up. It is a small but important distinction.

Size Matters

Dab rigs are usually for home use: they can be large and delicate. For this complication, you get a very high quality vapour. A wax vape can be tiny: they can be just a metal pen you heat with a flame or look just like a nicotine vape (check out our Dr Dabbers for a good example) that you can slip easily into your pocket for maximum discretion.

Quality Control

The biggest factor in the quality of your vapour is not necessarily the quality of the wax vaporizers, it is often the quality of your dab. Getting high quality and consistent stuff is much easier than it was but it can still pose a challenge. If you get a high quality, temperature controlled, maximum everything dab pen and fill it with poor quality gunk, it will always disappoint.

The quality of wax vaporizers varies considerably. Naturally, the more you pay, the better quality you will get. A cheap wax vape pen can cost as little as £40 and give you some good results. It will probably not be a variable voltage, temperature controlled concentrate vaporizer though, cheap models do one thing and they do it quite well.

If you are willing to spend just a little more on your wax vaporizers, you will find yourself at a price point where so much is possible.

Which Heating Element to Choose?

With a concentrate vaporizer, which heating element you choose matters. Quartz crystal heats up quite fast but does not retain its heat too well. Steel can have an odd taste. Ceramics can heat up quickly but lose their heat just as fast. Titanium is generally regarded as one of the best options for a dab rig, but it is quite expensive.

Then there is the construction: a heating coil can deliver quick results, or there are heated chambers that have the coil integrated, which give a more consistent result. Because of the huge variety of construction materials and methods, comparing them can be tough. Check out the reviews at our Herbalzer store and if you are stuck, talk to our team. They are happy to help you make the best choices.

With a glass globe dab rig, you will be heating up a rod to put your wax onto. With other concentrate vaporizers, you are adding wax to a chamber. The latter are much more convenient but some people say they do not deliver as clean a hit.

Variable Voltage?

Changing the voltage changes the amount of energy in the heating element. This then changes how quickly your waxy oils heat up and vaporize. Just by twiddling the dial, you can get a very different experience. The higher the voltage, the more intense the hit but the less flavoursome. It comes down to personal preference in the end. Why not try a few different ones for your collection?

Battery Life?

Vaping at home means you do not have to worry about battery life: just plug it in. However, a lot of people are using the highly discreet wax vaporizer pens when they are away from home, so they need a good battery life. The smaller the device, the less battery, so it usually ends up as a toss up between true discretion and being able to get a few sessions out of the device.

Most wax concentrate vaporizers are USB charger compatible, so you will be able to charge them wherever you can charge your phone. A power bank can be a session-saver, so you might want to consider one too.

Price Range?

A quick look at the prices at our Herbalizer Store will show you that there is a lot of range in price. Keep your price point in mind. Sub £75 will get you a simple device with not much control but a good enough hit. Over £150 will get you nearly anything you want: dab rigs, wax pens with precise temperature controls, extra consistency and portability.

Add a Wax Vaporizer to your Collection Today!

Take a stroll around Herbalizestore and check out the huge range of wax and dab vaporizers. For those who prefer waxy oils, a dab rig for the highest quality hits at home is a must. Then you have to think about what you will do when you are on your travels? You can’t take a glass dab rig, so you’ll need a dab pen. The beginnings of a collection!