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Dry Herb Vaporizer Collection

Dry herb vaporizers are useful tools and a favourite in the UK, fantastic alternatives to smoking, convenient, and, perhaps most importantly, cool toys.

You might have been enjoying your dry herb vape, but now you need to expand your collection or upgrade your trusty vape. Maybe you need a home vape and one for being out and about? Sick and tired of the vape running out of oomph halfway a session with your friends?

So, you’ve been looking at expanding your collection, but the range of choices is bewildering and confusing. So many options, so little time to find the best one, so what are you going to do? 

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Hopefully, this short guide will give you all the information you need to start your collection of dry herb vaporizers or make important additions to your vaping capabilities. Vapes are awesome, you definitely need a few!

Different Types of Dry Herb Vapes

Most of the differences in vaporizers are what you put in them and their different functions.

If simply vaporizing your delicious herbs is not enough and you want to enhance your session there are LOTS of vaporizers on the market and you may ask yourself: are they not all the same? The answer is easy and it's no!

Each vaporizer will be different, first, by its design like the size or the body material,  but you might go a little bit deeper to choose the perfect vaporizer! If you are bored of only vaping dried herbs and want to vape other products like concentrates, oils or wax, some of them are made for multi-purpose uses.

Vapes can be different from the way they are heating your products offering you new ways of enjoying your dry herbs. Then, the battery life is another thing to consider if you want to bring your future best friend anywhere you want. The different levels of temperature control will be another big criterion to think about. Also, if you like sharing, the oven size will be something that will really matter.

That's a lot of characteristics to think of and no wonder you are confused!

Let us start with the simplest bit first and move on from there.

arizer solo 2

Portable or Not Portable, That Is The Question:

What do you want to do with your dry herb vaporizers? Are you needing a little vape to slip into your pocket for a toot on the go, or are you looking for a nice big vape to sit on your coffee table and supply the highest quality vape to you and everyone who wants a hit?

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The size of your vape makes a big difference to vaping experiences. Smaller devices generally do not produce the amazingly high-quality vape of a non-portable or backpack-sized vape, sadly, you will always have to compromise quality with portability.

Portable vapes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and capabilities. A small vape pen that uses a tiny conduction heating chamber and only a few different heating settings can set you back much less than £100 and get you a nice few hits when you are out and about. The problem is, when compared to the more expensive and larger options, the quality of the vape leaves a lot to be desired.

If your vaping happens at home, looking at the bigger devices could be a better option. The problem with these dry vaporizers is that they are usually very expensive. An option like a Storz and Bickel Classic or Digit can set you back around £400-£600 but it will deliver the highest quality vaporizer possible. You cannot lug one of these around but they are not designed for it.

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volcano classic vaporizer

You do not have to invest a massive amount to get a good vape for home though. A Mighty VaporizerArizer Air II, G Pen Elite, Da Vinci IQ 2Davinci IQ or DaVinci Miqro (Daniel’s personal choice) can cost about £200 and have a lot of really impressive features that give you 90% of the quality of a desktop vape with the option of sticking it in your backpack or back pocket and taking it out to enjoy wherever you like.

Now that battery and heating technology has improved, the quality of yesteryear’s desktop vaporizer is now available in your pocket, you lucky vapers. There are some downsides though: you never get as much herb in the chamber as with a desktop. Temperature settings are not as precise. Cool features like bags are not available. And you have to charge them up.

Any good vaporizer for dry herbs has a range of different capabilities and options.

Pros: Portable Cons: Portable
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Easy to stash
  • Good vape quality (with a good one)
  • Cheaper than desktop
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Not as high-quality vape
  • Have to charge it up
  • Smaller vape chambers
  • Limited heating technology
  • Sometimes less vape
  • Easier to break or lose
  • Vaporizer Technology: What do you need in your Collection?

    Probably the biggest battle in the war of dry herb vapes is the convection vs conduction heating chamber type. Prepare for a tiny bit of science!

    Conduction Vaporizers

    Conduction means transferring energy through physical contact. Most portable vaporizers use this technology as it does not require anything but a chamber that will heat up and therefore heats up your dry herbs.

    The problem with a conduction vaporizer is that it heats up the stuff that is in contact with the heating element really well and the stuff behind it not so well. This means you get an inconsistent experience. All your herbs have not been vaped but you are not getting any nice vape out of it: you need to stir the contents around to move the toasted herbs away from the heating element and let your un vaped herbs get some vaping.

    This is quite inconvenient, especially if you are outside or somewhere you cannot obviously stir your herbs.

    On the plus side, conduction vaporizers are small, lightweight, and hard to break.

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    the difference between conduction and convection

    Convection Vaporizers

    Convection is the movement of a liquid or gas through heating, it rises and falls in a convection current. In the context of dry herb vapes, it means that your herbs are getting vaped with hot air being passed over them, not by cooking them against the walls of the heating chamber.

    The result? The best tasting vape and the most consistent vape.

    Not many portable vaporizers are also convection vaporizers: getting heated airflow into something that can fit into your pocket is something only a few manufacturers have managed so far. Usually, if you want a convection vape or a conduction/convection hybrid, you have to get something that will sit on your coffee table.

    There are some notable exceptions, have a look at our range for what is available.

    Compromises, Compromises!

    As usual, expanding your collection of dry herb vaporizers requires compromise. There are no dry herb vapes that do it all, so how are you going to choose?

     Pros: Conduction Cons: Conduction
  • Small
  • Portable
  • Heats up quickly
  • Cheap
  • Tough
  • Needs stirring
  • Inconsistent
  • Lower quality vapour
  • Can be fiddly
  • Pros: Convection Cons: Convection
  • Highest quality vape in town
  • Consistency
  • Usually larger
  • More expensive
  • Can be more delicate
  • Temperature Control: How Useful is it and do I NEED it?

    One of the coolest things about herbal vaporizers is that you can get impressively different results by changing the temperature you vape your herbs at.

    At lower temperatures, you get more flavours but less vapour production; higher temperatures get you a thicker vape and more “effects” if you know what I mean.

    But do you really need individual temperature control?

    Casual Vapers

    If you like the occasional puff on a vape and are not seeking to become a herbal vaporizer connoisseur, a few temperature options will be enough for you. Cheap dry herb vaporizers usually have 3 to 5 temperature

    The Vape Connoisseur

    Expanding your collection is a necessity, not something you take lightly. You need the highest quality vape, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Individual degree control is essential: you can taste the difference between 180 degrees Celsius and 183 degrees Celsius, and it matters!

    Happily, you can get portable vapes that will blast all types of dry herbs at whatever temperature you want. They will not be quite as good as a convection desktop vaporizer, but the results are close. They cost a bit more, but your collection is worth it.

    I Just Want A Good Vape!

    If you enjoy your vaping experiences and want good, consistent results, you can look for something in between. Our site as loads of options, so check out the different temperature controls and settings on the different choices available. The range and accuracy are proportional to the price, generally, so if you are willing to spend a little extra, you can get a much better experience. Of course, the standard is so high these days that you will always get a good vape.

    Quality and Consistency

    Good tools always cost a bit extra but save you money in the long run. Your collection could do with something that will give you high-quality vape on the go, so look for things like temperature range, the heating method, battery life, time to get up to temperature, build quality, and warranty.

    You are talking about your enjoyment and your health when you are talking about a vaporizer, so it is a serious choice to make.

    Herbalize Store has a lot to choose from and all the information you need is there. With this guide, you should be able to make a good choice between price, quality, control, and consistency.

    Of course, if you are stuck, just email our team and someone will be on hand to help you make the best choice. It can be a frustrating experience, trying to choose the right vape to add to your collection. Our staff has all the know-how to help you out, so don’t hesitate to ask!

    Happily, you can get portable vapes that will blast all types of dry herbs at whatever temperature you want. They will not be quite as good as a convection desktop vaporizer, but the results are close. They cost a bit more, but your collection is worth it.