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Vaporizer Pen Collection

In regards to easy ways to herbal oils and supplements, vaporizers have been proven to be one of the easiest, accessible, and most efficient forms of use available to smokers and medical users alike. Whether or not they’re looking to try artificial vape-juices, concentrates, or the traditional herb, now more than ever a variety for the consumer exists. They’ve evolved too from the large-volcano like domes of the past, now the power of that same device can fit right inside of any pants pocket in form of a handy vaporizer pen.

Vape pens are rapidly becoming accepted in all situations as well, whether it’s the office, or simply on a stroll through the park - recreational and relaxing sessions can take place at any time and any place. As opposed to smoking in public, vaping by itself does no harmful damage to the environment, and smells nice too.

However with the various customizable components that come with a vaporizer, it’s easy for anyone to become blurred and lose track of where the greatest spark for their dollar is. Not only this, with the purchase of the wrong vaporizer, many customers end up getting a product that only lasts a couple months, (sometimes unfortunately even a week) very much shorter than their expected length.

This means that choosing the right vaporizer for the best vaping experience is crucial. To do so, one must understand 1) the components that make up the vaporizer themselves and 2) the goal of the product they are looking for. Fortunately the growing number of vape-pen manufactures are here to meet every need, and personalize the vapor experience for their customers.

What Portable Vaporization Is

No longer limited to stand-alone vaporizers, vaporizer pens are now rapidly becoming an incredibly popular hobby for amateur enthusiasts world-wide. Portable vaporization means that no matter where you are, your vape is ready to go and be used. It defines the overall purpose of vape-pens and provides a new sense of freedom for individuals who would formerly have to limit their vaping sessions to indoors.

Most vape pens are small in size, so small in fact that they can fit inside most pockets and portray a similar shape to a modern-day cell-phone (which only promotes their discreteness). Most being palm-sized, some even offer reduced vapor-settings, making it almost impossible to notice that you’re vaping.

For people quitting tobacco, portable vaporization has also created one of the most-proven to succeed methods. By distracting withdrawal symptoms and aiding the recovery at the user’s convenience, no longer do people have to simply go ‘cold turkey’. This is especially aided by the creation of E-cigarettes, a blended form of vape-juices which mimic real cigarettes, without the damage to your health.

Yet, there’s much more to portable vaporization than just these concepts. Various types of vape pens manufactured on the market today are available for specific purposes designed according to the situation - whether that’s at a football game, or in the car on your commute home.

The Different Types of Vaping

Before anyone chooses their first vaporizer, many neglect to take into account the different types of vaping there are. Even though some vape-pens may be capable of producing both dry-herb and concentrate vapor, this is not true for all.

From dry-herb vaporizers, dual-use, concentrate, or a traditional portable set-up, it’s possible to specifically determine the customizable level of high-quality vapor you want to achieve. Patients who are looking to ingest medical herb in a safe way could use dry-herb vaporizers in an effort to receive their medication may not enjoy their devices in the same way as those who are looking for E-cigarettes.

How a Vaporizer Works

Despite your type of vaping, overall the process of vaporization is the same. A temperature control on a vaporizer device adjusts a gauge which is connected to an oven or heating chamber (often times with modern vaporizers, a convection oven) which by using an internal heating element cooks a filling chamber stocked with either dry herbs, wax concentrates, or vape juices. The heating process is triggered by the pressing of a firing button which is located on the side of the device.

Once this chamber has been sufficiently heated up, the contents of the chamber are vaporized and available to vape by the user by inhaling from the mouth-piece. Typically this is when the vaping session occurs, and how long it lasts is up to the discretion of the user.

While most vaporizers have focused on solid matter being vaporized, this has fluctuated recently with the introduction of different types of vape pens - most notably ones that process sugary vape-juices, and more highly-powered devices capable of vaporizing wax.

Vape Juice

Vape juice refers to the blend of processed oils which can be used in your vape pens alongside dry-herb or concentrates. For people who do not necessarily want to smoke dry-herb or concentrate, possessing the oils has helped them quit smoking as well as provided a source of general relaxation.

Virtually any satisfying flavor that anyone would imagine is available to be blended into a tasty vape juice blend for an E-cigarette or vape-pen device. With these juices being sold in more stores every years, it’s increasingly accessible to buy new flavors and try out new blends.

The only major drawback to using vape juices, is with the most sugary blends, often times residue can be left inside of the pen itself (which complicates the heating elements, and gradually degrades the product). It is possible to clean the pens, but without proper maintenance and education on how to prevent this, it can even lead to ruining pens.

These vape pens, designed specifically for these vape juices, often run off of Lithium-Ion batteries which run out after a specific amount of uses - this means that the need to replenish the e-cigarette does take place at the end of its life-time. However, for this reason and many others, liquid vape pens are priced significantly lower than other vape pens, and are a great choice for any casual user.

As well, vape juices come in various millimeter pack sizes ranging from 30mL, 60mL, to 120mL. Casual users can last for months off of 30mL, while the same can be said for heavy users and the 120mL. And in the end, the life-time of these packs is determined by the user itself, and most importantly, the strength of the vape pen.

Starter kits

Most products available on the market come with starter kits that include everything the basic vape hobbyist would need to begin their use - including replaceable heating coils, batteries, screens, and filters which work to not only educate the customer on their product, but give them the tools they need to really begin.

Most major vape pen manufacturing companies offer starter kits with their products, not only to give their customers everything they need, but establish an aura of freedom to experiment. Supplying the basic stock, most starter kits come with at least one flavor of e-juices, replaceable batteries, and crucial warranties for the chance possibility that breaks, or accidents do occur.

It’s all about the battery

Unfortunately, some cheaper vape pens with less adequate internals have even been known to lead to explode or over-heat, with often times the battery being the case. This makes having the right battery for your session vital.

Finding the right battery life for your vaporizer is often a task that seems easy but is mis-directed in the over-saturation of products on the market that offer primarily the same thing. This means that while most vape pens offer the same amount of time in regards to the battery life of your device, but they don’t always last.

Lithium ion batteries, different from traditional power-cells, offer this lasting standing power that any vape-pen should possess. This means that after a few charges any user isn’t losing precious moments of battery life - something which typically can happen with any battery-charged device over the course of its life-time.

While vape pens typically use Lithium-Ion batteries, E-cigarettes (which are very similar to vape pens and can be considered virtually the same type of device) utilize a different form of battery called Variable Voltage.

Since one type of battery might hold too much of a charge for one device, a Variable Voltage battery possesses a smaller charge but holds the same amount of battery life for your device. These are often times more expensive, and for people who are casual users, unnecessary.

And, with most, it can take as little as three hours of charging before your device is ready for use again. This means for individuals looking to take holiday can feel assured they can bring their devices anywhere.

But don’t Forget the Coils

After some time with a starter-vape pen, most users find that the high-quality experience they are looking for is absent from their daily sessions. This could be due to gradual wear and tear of the device itself, or because what they’re actually looking for is located in another product.

Many companies that create vape pens on the market today, most notably Dr Dabber, offer personalized options to solve this issue - from the colour of the pen itself, to the components that make it. A big part of this, believe it or not, is having the right heating element - or in vape pens, the right heating rod. On vape pens, between the filling chamber and the mouth piece any user can find their heating element - which differs in some pens.

Typically, it’s been proven that ceramic rods perform much better than traditional coil. Not only this, the strength of the heating element also effects even the battery itself - by forcing the pen to use more wattage to provide the needed amount of power. With weaker pens, this explains the short battery life.

In fact, with a regular vaping session of once an hour every four hours (which is the typical use) most traditional coils burn out and force the users to buy a new one. This happens by material from the filling chamber penetrating or getting stuck on the heating element during use, and has been shown to happen less with ceramic coils.

Ceramic coils, as well as ceramic rods, are also typically found in more heavy-duty concentrate vape pens, providing the adequate firing power to melt down the waxes that other vape pens couldn’t provide. Priced slightly more expensively than other rods, it’s still a worthy route to take for any vape user interested in investing in the longevity of their experience.

Making the right choice

When it comes down to making the correct Vape-pen purchase, consideration of the environment where the product will be most used is paramount. For this reason, many individuals looking to purchase vape pens buy various kinds - one for the workplace, and one for home. This can be said for dry-herb and concentrate vape pens, which often times are most used at home, or vape-juice pens or E-cigarettes. Now, any consumer can buy a large variety of different pens simply by ordering their purchase online.

E-cigarettes are sold for retail locally in most stores and as with more high-powered vape pens, are available online. If you are a smoker looking to quit, the price of one e-cigarette could often compare to the price of ten packs of cigarettes, with the cigarette lasting the same amount of time.

In fact, smoke inhalation often creates a stoppage of vital oxygen reaching the lungs, and creates blockage on the arteries of the body over prolonged use. Plus, smoking damages the user’s teeth and creates a small health hazard for those around them - exposing them to the same harmful chemicals damaging the smoker’s body.

Vapor on the other hand does none of this, and is quickly processed through the body through the blood-stream. While there is some risk of damage to your body with extreme use at all high-wattage, virtually no damage can come from vaping at a light pace.

Some pens are even manufactured with the possibility of being converted into dual-purpose pens, or come with apps that allow the user to turn on or off the pen, and further interact with your device by tracking its usage/power.

While it can be said that casual users typically do not possess a vaporizer pen collection, it’s true that having a few in stock will ultimately maximize your experience - with concentrate and herbal pens best for relaxation, and vape-juice pens there to help you get through your day.

In Conclusion

Most people who own a vaporizer device simply cannot own only one. By swapping out portableness, for functionality, for a full perfect quality vapor, finding the right device often comes down to a list of comparable features. Many times, a starter kit vaporizer doesn’t cut it. At first, any novice user of a vaporizer device goes for what believe offers the most power - and do not take into consideration the type of vaping they want to accomplish.

For the same effect that a desktop vaporizer would have, (desktop meaning, a larger, stand-alone vaporizer much like the dome of the past) many vape pens offer primarily the same experience, often for less than a third of the price of a desk-top vaporizer. Any vape enthusiast should consider adding a variety of vape pens to their catalogue, both to get the most out of their experience, but to ensure the quality of their sessions.