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News, Reviews, and much more...

Boundless CFX Plus Review
The CFX Plus is the latest vaporizer from Boundless, and it's clear they've built it with innovation in mind. We review all the new CFX+ features like..

Boundless CF vs Crafty

Comparison: Boundless CF vs Crafty. Let's have a closer looks at these two awesome dry herb vaporizers.

Boundless Tera Review | Boundless's Newest Flagship Vape
In our Boundless Tera review we investigate the key features of the boundless and find where it really excels in it's price bracket to help you know if it is the right Vaporizer for you.

Boundless Tera Vs Mighty Vaporizer | A Comparison
With the release of the Boundless Tera, the question everyone is asking is... Who would win in the fight - Boundless Tera Vs Mighty Vaporizer? Here we break it down to the key features, and points which we expect of a flagship vape.

Boundless CFX Review
The Boundless CFX portable vaporizer came on the market in 2016 and have been popular among users ever since. This Boundless vape is well priced and aim for it's higher-end competition. (Like the Mighty)

Boundless CFX vs Mighty Vaporizer
This is a comparison between two of our favourite vaporizers. They are selling at two  ends of the price spectrum but they have many similarities. Find out what we think about them!