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Atman Vaporizers

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer
Atman Pretty Plus
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Atman Starlight Vaporizer
Atman Starlight
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Atman Vaporizers

You might be unfamiliar with the name Atman, but this vaporizer brand has been around for a surprisingly long time. Founded in 2009, Atman have since cranked out more than 200 vapes and vape accessories during the company’s lifespan, acquiring a reputation for affordability and versatility along the way.

Atman vapes tend to be simple, functional devices that are aimed at vape beginners who want a decent amount of control without needing an engineering degree to operate their vape. Whilst they’re not going to change the way you think about vaping (whatever that means), they can be a solid and reliable tool for people just starting to dip their toe into the great sea of vaping. 

At the Herbalize Store, we carry a curated selection of the most people Atman vaporizers, with the lowest prices around and a whole array of extra little perks (more on those in a second). We’re also delighted to answer any questions you have about Atman vapes, so without further ado…

Atman Vapes FAQ 

Even experienced vapers are likely to have some questions about Atman vapes. Fortunately, there’s nothing our team of experts at the Herbalize Store like more than answering questions about vapes (aside from maybe vaping itself, or certain forms of exercise, but in any case you get the idea). Here are some of the most common things people ask about Atman vaporizers: 

1. How do Atman vapes work?

There’s some variance from vape to vape, but most Atman devices use a conduction heating system. When you place your material in an Atman’s vape oven chamber, the walls of that chamber begin to heat up, which also raises the temperature of the material itself. Eventually, it gets so hot that vapor is released, which is then inhaled through the device’s airpath. Atman vapes tend to use stainless steel oven chambers so the vapor stays pure and tasty. 

2. What can you vape with Atman devices?

Atman vapes can be used with just about any material you can think of: dry herb, solid concentrates like wax, and oil cartridges. Most devices tend to be designed for one or the other, though some models can handle multiple materials.

3. Are Atman vapes worth the money?

Atman devices are known for being quite inexpensive—the Pretty Plus vape pen, for example, costs less than £40. This isn’t an outlier, as most Atman vaporizers are significantly more affordable than their more mainstream competitors. In general, customers seem quite pleased with the performance of their Atman devices, and considering the low prices, it’s hard to find much to quibble with.

4. Where can you buy Atman vapes? 

Atman vapes are available from a number of online retailers, as well as through the brand’s website itself. However, let us suggest that the Herbalize Store might be the best place to get yours. Why? Not only do we offer the lowest prices on the internet (guaranteed), we also offer free UK shipping and free 14 day returns. We’ll also plant a tree in your name every time you buy a vaporizer from our store. 

5. What’s the best Atman vape? 

That’s going to depend on a couple things, with the most important being: what material do you want to vape? Since most Atman vaporizers specialise in vaping dry herb or concentrates, you’ll want to consider this question carefully. On the other hand, some models do work with both, so if you’re more of an omnivorous vaper, you might want to give those a look. We’ll explain more about your options in a bit.

What Makes Atman Vaporizers Stand Out?

Whilst some vape manufacturers are trailblazers in the field—offering devices that come with high tech apps, innovative attachments, or other premium perks—Atman tend to focus more on integrating popular features into devices that come at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. As a result, Atman vapes are notable more for how they combine different attributes, as opposed to any of those attributes on their own:

1. Affordable Price Tag

The first thing you notice about an Atman vaporizer is its price—chiefly, that it’s much lower than the vast majority of its competitors. Although these devices don’t have quite the build quality of devices from brands like Storz & Bickel, they’re also much less expensive, which can be a boon if you’re on a tight budget. At the same time, Atman vapes are solid enough to last a good long while if you take care of them, which means you’re getting good value for money.

2. Compatible With Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Atman produces a number of vaporizers that are compatible with dry herb, as well as others that are made for concentrates like wax and shatter. Some models like the Atman Starlight (more on that later) can even handle both materials, which is ideal for people who like a little variety in their vaping substances. Plus, since Atman vapes tend to feature a modular design (i.e. you can remove the mouthpiece and other key parts), they’re easier to clean than some other vaporizers. 

3. Variety of Designs

Atman specialises in portable vaporizers, which is a genre that’s much broader than you might expect. Fortunately, Atman’s designs encompass the full range, from slender vape pens to brawnier box vapes. Your colour options are a bit limited, to be fair, but on the plus side, Atman vapes tend to come in kits with useful extras like packing and cleaning tools, so it usually evens out.

What’s New in Atman’s Collection?

Atman produce a fair number of vaporizers in a given year, though (like many vape brands) their flagship devices tend to get the most attention. Atman vapes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, though they seem to take special pride in producing box-style portable vaporizers. Here’s a quick introduction to their most recent creation: 

The Atman Starlight is a squat, boxy dual use vaporizer that can handle both dry herbs and concentrates. Although it’s a bit bulkier than other portable vaporizers, it’s still svelte enough to fit into your bag without much fuss. It features preset temperature controls and a large stainless steel oven chamber, which makes it well suited for group vape sessions. The Starlight is quite easy to clean, thanks to its removable glass mouthpiece, and it might be one of the most affordable vapes in its class.

Final Thoughts on Atman Vaporizers

If you’re new to the world of vaping, Atman vaporizers are a simple and affordable way to get started. Whilst they have a distinctly utilitarian design, they offer user-friendly controls and just enough control over the temperature settings to allow you to experiment with different types of vape sessions (without getting overwhelmed by all the options). Atman vapes also offer a fair amount of versatility when it comes to materials, so you can use both dry herbs and concentrates as you see it. The vapor quality is solid considering the price tag, as is the battery life. Advanced vapers will probably want a more polished device, but if you’re just interested in giving vaping a try without making a big commitment, Atman vapes will get the job done. 

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