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About Our Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

Our collection of Dr. Dabber Vaporizers has a wide variety of all the newest  Dr. Dabber rigs and all the old favorites so we can offer our clients the best products on the market. We always want you to be able to find the perfect product for you, and in this collection you will have different forms of vaporizers to choose from.

Dr. Dabber has been a leader in this industry since it began, producing high quality dabbers and vaporizers throughout. It is a customer favourite thanks to the high quality vape the Dr. Dabber vaporizers dispense, and thanks to the incredible durability of all the equipment.

Dr. Dabber is always striving to provide its customers the highest quality products, and therefore spends a lot of time developing new products that reflect their value on durability and high quality at a great price.

Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer is made from high quality materials such as high grade silicone, and high quality glass; and this vape unit is pretty much as good as it gets for high-quality-made vaporizers. The unit stands at around 9.5 inches tall without the glass bubbler accessory, and approximately 13” inches with it on, so it definitely demands attention in the room.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is made for vaporizing oils, dabs, and dry herb which caters to practically everyone’s palates and preferences, making it a very versatile piece for anyone to use. Additionally, the technology and engineering put into this unit is quite apparent when you use it with the various forms of herb, since there is a practically seamless transition between using, say, a dab and the dry herb.

The Dr. Dabber Switch comes with a wide variety of options of accessories, including the dab tool and  the detachable glass bubbler which are both amazing quality and amazing make. Dr.Dabber accessories are worth the extra investment and will make your vaping experience unique and enjoyable every time you use your unit.

This unit’s heat settings range from a whopping 300°F (149°C) all the way up to 800°F (427°C), including 25 different preset temperatures in between these the lowest and highest temperatures.

Additionally, its battery life lasts for approximately 150 hits, which is absolutely amazing according to many users, regarding the potency and strength of each hit. The battery unit is charged by means of the charging cable included with your purchase, and charges to full potential in around 2 hours, making it a quick and easy rechargeable unit.

The Switch’s heating method is a powerful induction heating system, which allows you to heat and vape in a matter of seconds, and keeps this unit from using more battery power than necessary.

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Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition is an innovative and sophisticated take on the traditional dab rig. This unit comes with three different types of nails, one made from titanium, another from ceramic, and the last made from quartz.

The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition stands at 7 inches tall, is very easy to operate, and is intuitive when it comes to loading and using it. It is a discreet way to go about your adventures in a fun and relaxed way, and is very reliable thanks to its amazing battery. So, basically, you can practically take this vaporizer anywhere, any time.

Although this great unit doesn't have any temperature controls, many people claim it doesn't need them because the temperatures it operates on is perfect. The default level temperature of the Boost Black Edition is 515 degrees Fahrenheit, and after 20 seconds of letting it heat up, the unit should reach more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit before the heat unit automatically shuts off.

If you are a person who is new to vaping waxes or concentrates, or someone who want a Dr. Dabber Dab Diamond Perc Glass Rig that operates at a lower temperature, this may be the best dab rig for you. As stated above, it is intuitive and easy to navigate, and it produces long cool hits every time; so it is a perfect rig for starters or people who prefer to vape their concentrates at a lower, steadier temperature.

The Boost’s battery is capable of charging in a matter of less than 2 hours, and it provides up to 60 great hits before needing to be charged again. This may vary depending on how much you use your unit, but the average is around 50 hits per charge which is really great when you take in mind the big clouds of good tasting vapor you get.

When you buy your Boost, it also includes a glass water tool attachment that is relatively small, but allows users to get smooth, low temperature hits. People love this accessory because using a water bubbler with a vape is actually quite similar to using it with a bong or other apparatus, but the flavor of the vape is 100 times better than with traditional dab rigs.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is one of the older favorites. It is to be used with either wax or concentrate, and provides huge hits despite its smaller size. This is one of Dr. Dabber’s pocket sized vaporizer pens, which comes in a beautiful black matte finish.

It’s portable, good looking, easy to use, and very good at producing smooth tasty hits which is why it is a long-time favorite amongst vapers. Additionally, this vaporizer unit is easy to use and very intuitive, much like most other Dr. Dabber rigs, so it is a great way to vape on-the-go any time.

On the technical side, the Dr. Dabber Aurora kit uses multiple advanced atomizers, one Dual Quartz Heating Rod, one Halo Atomizer, and one Dual Ceramic Heating Rod, which gives you three different high power options for your optimal comfort; and which its Snaptech magnetic technology allows you to switch between in a matter of seconds. The best thing about its Snaptech magnetic system is not only that you are able to shift through its multiple atomizers, but that you are at no risk of your unit’s threading getting worn down or getting sticky with product.

The two dual rod heating atomizers allow you to get huge clouds of vape which are very satisfying in both taste and size; and the Halo atomizer provides low temperature, full flavor hits.

The Aurora’s battery is charged through USB, so it is a quick process and an easy task to go about when out and about. The battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which offers a high-capacity charge and a long lasting battery life.

This vaporizer offers its users 3 different preset temperature settings, which you can distinguish between by the color of the LED within the power button. All you need to do is press it 5 times to turn on, and then switch between each of the settings for optimal vaping experience.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

This is another one of Dr. Dabber’s vaporizers which are designed for concentrates. The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a compact unit which is perfect to take on any adventure or journey, thanks to its reliable battery and functionality. This great unit provides versatility for all different preferences, and provides good tasting cool vapor in every hit.

The Dr. Dabber Ghost provides amazing hits by means of its  low heat / high resistance titanium coil, which is a customer favourite. This coil provides your tasty hits in a matter of seconds, and is designed to heat up at lower than normal temperatures in order to minimize the chance of charring or burning your concentrates. Dr. Dabber also produces accessories for the Ghost including the Dr. Dabber Ghost Globe Attachement

The battery takes 90 minutes to charge fully and lasts for 200 – 300 draws depending on use. The fact that this little vape can provide so many hits makes it one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

This kit comes with 2 atomizers so that if one begins to get a bit used up (the average time for this is usually 1 to 2 months) you have a replacement handy. Also, it does provide you the option of using each one for a different type of concentrate for optimal taste and vaping experience.

The Ghost comes with fixed temperature because, as mentioned above, it is a low heat / high resistance rig, so this also minimizes any chance of burning your goods, and provides amazing taste and flavour in every hit.

There are also a few accessories that one can use with this little pen, including: the Globe attachment, which is to be used in place of mouthpiece and atomizer; the Percolator attachment, which is a water tool that provides cool vapor, and which also comes with a different type of atomizer; and the Recycler pendant, which is another water tool that features a more intricate design and a higher vapor cloud capacity.

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Pen

The Dr. Dabber 'Light' vaporizer Pen is, in basic terms, the little sibling of the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer. It is a bit more discreet than the Ghost, for it is smaller, slimmer, and a little easier to conceal. Also,  this sleek and portable vape pen uses the same great low-heat titanium technology that it's predecessor possesses, so you will get the same kind of low heat power. This kind of low heat technology allows the users to heat their concentrates to the ideal pre-set temperature without an instant burn.

Additionally, its coil is basically a miniature version of the Ghost’s coil. This is actually great because it is just as good as its predecessor, but just a bit smaller. Of course, due to its smaller size, this vape pen does not provide as high of vape capacity, but it does provide the same great quality of vape. Also, due to its size, it cannot atomize the same quantity of concentrates as the Ghost, but it can easily be reloaded.

The Light’s atomizer is a titanium coil wrapped with glass wick fiber. This makes the whole unit versatile and very easy to use in any circumstances because it heats instantaneously and very effectively, despite its smaller size.

Drawing from the Light is said to feel very natural, with a resistance which is considered ideal according to many users. Additionally, this unit also comes with 2 atomizers for backup and extra versatility.