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Grenco Science Vaporizer Collection

Grenco Science Vaporizers offer high quality products made for every occasion. The vaporizers are portable, intuitive, durable, and discreet! They’re products retail for great prices, and are worth every dollar. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with your Grenco Science Vaporizer.

Grenco Science - G Pen Elite

The Grenco Science G Pro Vaporizer is Grenco’s newest addition to its collection of high-end vaporizers, and it has been quite the star lately. It features a new design, modified for improved portability and user friendliness. It has 3 temperature settings to accommodate your different vaping moods, and to ensure that the vapour quality is just as you like it. The G Pro Vaporizer unit vaporizes your dry herb blend by means of convection heating; a method which allows you to get all the flavour and THC in your hits, and ensures a quality hit every single time. The G Pro’s heating chamber is made from high quality stainless steel, making it durable to heat and allowing the hit out with smoothness particular to stainless steel.

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Grenco Science – G Pen Pro

The next product in this collection is the G Pen Pro. This vaporizer pen is an innovative yet simple unit to use on the go and is also quite intuitive (like all Grenco products). It is to be used with dry herb blends only, as they do not recommend using oils or wax so it doesn’t clog or stick. When you vape your dry herbs in the G Pen Pro, you’ll notice that it does not produce huge vape clouds, so it is really great for times when being discreet is optimal. Users report it to be great for first time vapers, and for daily users that vape less frequently, since the cleaning process can be a bit tedious if not kept up for a few uses. The heating chamber for the G Pen Pro is made from high quality ceramic, and it feels great and tastes great every time you hit it.

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Grenco Science – Accessories

Grenco also offers users accessories such as the G Pen Dual Quartz Coil Atomizer. The Dual Quartz Coil Atomizer is built specifically to upgrade your G Pen, and it serves as an addition that enables you to vape concentrates such as oils or wax. The dual coils on the Atomizer make the heating process fast and distribute the heat evenly. This also ensures that you are getting all the THC and the most flavour from your concentrates and none is wasted. Another accessory (or additional purchase) is a G Pen battery, so you don’t have to wait while your one battery is charging. Additionally, you can purchase an additional G Pro mouthpiece and an additional pack of G Pro Filter Screens for your optimal comfort.

In conclusion, the Grenco Science Vaporizers are intuitive, easy to use, reliable, and high quality. It is suggested that you keep a look out for original Grenco products, as they are being counterfeited often. After that, sit back, take a puff, and enjoy your premium vaping experience.