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Healthy Rips - Accessories Overview

The people behind Healthy Rips vaporizers is a dedicated group of health-conscious people that are determined to offer safe, high-end vaporizers at prices that everyone can afford. Unlike other brands, Healthy Rips’s mission is to provide improved emotional, physical and mental health through the use of their units. Their consciousness for their users needs make them unique, and is what has made them become a favorite in the vape community. Although Healthy Rips vaporizer are long-lasting, durable and are so trusted that they have a One Year Free Replacement Warranty, they are not invincible. Just like all vaporizers on the market, Healthy Rips units need to be cared for and need to be maintained. What can make this easy and completely stress-free? Accessories. That’s right, accessories are here to make your unit last long in the future and offer flawless performance for years to come. Healthy Rips makes this possible by carefully creating a wide assortment of replacement pieces and accessories for their units— including mouthpieces, water pipe adaptors, chamber screens, O-rings, oil pads, wax pads, replacement batteries, and more. No matter your needs, or the Healthy Rips unit you would like to fix up or improve, Healthy Rips has the accessory you need.