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KandyPens Vaporizers Collection

In our KandyPens Vaporizers Collection, we have a number of high quality, well-made vapes that are made to make your vape experience fun, easy and enjoyable. All of the KandyPens vaporizers on this collection are made to satisfy all of your vape needs and put a smile on your face from the moment you unbox them.

KandyPens really knows the meaning of ‘less is more’, for their units are designed and crafted to be simple, portable and easy to use but also to offer high quality vape and performance always. Although their units are not the fanciest or the most high-tech, they offer the same quality of vape and an enjoyable experience that makes them able to ‘hang with the other big dogs’ on the vaporizer market.

 KandyPens was ranked #1 for the best dab pens and wax pens on the market. As you can see, their vaporizers are nothing but quality and perfection. Many have already chosen a KandyPens vape as their favorite and we believe that if you tried one, it would become your favorite too.

One of KandyPens most well-known speciality is making increible wax vapes that always leave you wanting more, so if you have been on the search for the perfect dab or wax pen, you have found the right place. In this KandyPens collection, there are 4 well-known dab pens and 1 quality dry herb vape that will blow your socks off. No matter which you choose, you will be more than satisfied.

KandyPens Donuts

Kandypens Donuts are probably some of the most intriguing, unique units on the dab pen and wax vape market. Coming in a wide variety of colors and finished off with a glossy enamel that leave them sparkling, Donuts are definitely for those that enjoy a good looking unit. From the moment you unbox your Donut, you can see the quality with your own eyes and feel like a fancy vape master.

Although the classy style and design of KandyPens Donuts is something that has to be mentioned, its quality in general is something that can not go unmentioned. Donuts boast a 100% ceramic deep dish Donuts atomizer that uses SloBurn™ technology to offer the best quality of vapor and bring out the full potential of your favorite wax.

Due to the fact that Donuts do not use traditional coils but instead feature an all-ceramic  chamber, they don't burn your concentrates, waste material or affect taste. Donuts also feature 3 preset temperature settings that allow you to get used to temps and choose which is perfect for the concentrate you are using. KandyPens Donuts are the first wax pens that allow for temperature control and we believe it's an awesome feature.

In general, KandyPens Donuts are awesome. They are simple, easy to use, stylish and offer high quality vape thanks to their smart design and build. We believe that they are by far one of the best options on the market for portable, discrete dab pens and wax vapes.

KandyPens Galaxy

The well-known Galaxy was the Award Winner of Best Pen Device in 2016 from High Times, so there is no need to say it's incredible. It has become the standard of wax pens and has taken the vape community by storm with its quality, functionality and design. Everything about the Galaxy speaks quality and we believe it is destined to satisfy even the pickiest vape lover.

KandyPens Galaxy was designed to look like something out of this world with its glossy enamel sparkle finish and its classy design. Its style, look and beauty however is not the only thing that makes it awesome. The Galaxy boasts an incredible Quartz Crystal Atomizer that produces some of the cleanest, most delicious tasting hits on the market.

The Galaxy also features a temperature controlled battery, a chamber connector, a high quality mouthpiece and comes included with a fancy looking travel case that allows you to take it with you anywhere and enjoy delicious tasting vape on the go. KandyPens Galaxy is simply the definition of a quality dab pen and there is no better way to describe it than innovative, unique, cutting-edge and high quality.

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KandyPens Gravity

There is nothing better than the Gravity when it comes to high quality pocket wax vapes. The KandyPens Gravity is simply the definition of what a real, well-made pocket vape should be, for it offers long lasting use, smooth functionality and quality vapor that allows you to enjoy your wax to the fullest extent. Its design is the first thing that catches your eye when you unbox it: its chrome finish and smooth mouthpiece makes you want to use instantly and show it off to your sesh buddies.

The Galaxy not only has a stylish design but also offers high quality vape that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. With this cutting edge unit, you get the choice of a quartz or ceramic vaping atomizer and with both offering high quality vapor and a distinct flavor, it can be tricky to choose which is your favorite for they are both awesome.

The Galaxy's battery is also something that makes it so recommendable, for it offers around 100 cycles or up to 15 minutes of continual use on its highest setting. This might not sound like much for heavy vape users, but once you take a big delicious hit from the Galaxy, you will understand that 100 cycles is more than enough. For a portable pocket wax vape, the Gravity has it all and will allow you to enjoy your vape experience to the fullest extent without the slightest trouble.

KandyPens Ice Cream Man

KandyPens Ice Cream Man wax pens come in the most wide variety of colors we've seen on the market. They are designed to fit perfectly in your hand and impress even the pickiest vape user with their stylish design and high quality build. Although the Ice Cream Man is simple, its functionality is not. It was designed and crafted to offer the highest quality of vape and to offer ease of use.

The Ice Cream Man like other KandyPens vaporizers boasts a dual quartz atomizer that offers delicious, clean vape and has multiple temperature settings that allow you to get used to different temps to choose the perfect based on the wax you re using. It also features a 10 second auto shut-off so you won't use up its battery unintentionaly.

If you have been searching for a high quality, well-made pocket wax pen that you can take on the go and enjoy discreetly, the Ice Cream Man is perfect for you. From the moment you unbox it you will able to enjoy creamy, delicious clouds of quality vapor and experience what a real wax pen should be.  

KandyPens MIVA

The KandyPens MIVA is nothing like other KandyPens vaporizers. The MIVA is a high quality dry herb portable vape that allows you to enjoy delicious vapor on demand wherever you go. However, it has a trick up its sleeve. The MIVA can be enjoyed with both concentrates and dry herb! Although KandyPens is well-known for making some of the best dab pens on  the market, the versatile MIVA does not fall far behind in quality or functionality.

 The MIVA features a high grade ceramic heating chamber that produces big delicious clouds of vapor is an impressive amount of time and always delivers quality thanks to its smart convection heating that evenly heats the material without combustion.  It also allows you to have full control over its temperature, making it perfect for both dry herb and concentrates. The MIVA has an impressive built-in memory data function that auto selects the last temperature used, making it easier for you to choose your favorite temp and keep it there for good.

Due to the fact that the MIVA is portable, well-made and versatile, it is more recommendable for those looking for a unit that can be used with both dry herb and concentrates while still being discrete and portable. The MIVA was designed to offer you the best of both worlds and once you use it for the first time, you will be more than satisfied.

KandyPens Offers Only Quality

Although we offer a large variety of dab pens, wax pens and other vaporizers, we believe that KandyPens offers some of the most quality units on the market. They always take the smallest details in to consideration when designing their units and we believe that the results are perfection. One of the things that make KandyPens vaporizers so recommendable is there great prices. When you get a KandyPens vape, you get quality for the perfect price.

All of the KandyPens vaporizers we offer in this collection are made with high quality materials, designed to perfection and made specifically to offer you the best vape experience possible. No matter which unit you choose, we are confident that you will be happy and satisfied beyond measure.