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Type: Portable

Crafty + Plus the new and improved ultra-portable Vape 

The Crafty has been upgraded with exciting new features. Rather than creating a brand new unit with an entirely different design, Storz & Bickel have listened to customer feedback and made some very clever changes to the classic Crafty. The Crafty + boasts an improved battery life, ergonomic design and an extra pre-set temperature setting.

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Crafty + Plus Features

  • 30% Faster Heat-Up
  • For Both Herb And Oil
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Super-Boost
  • 2 year warranty + 1 year warranty upon registration
  • Temperature Control via Bluetooth App
  • Improved housing material
  • Perfect Draw Resistance
  • New, slick design for optimized grip and feel
  • Combination Convection/Conduction Heating
Crafty plus Vaporizer in hand UK
Crafty plus Vaporizer design UK

Enhanced Heat-Up Time

The Crafty+ now heats to 180°C in less than 60 seconds, making it much twice as fast to heat than the previous model. The heating element has been optimized to reach the ideal temperature in 60 seconds.

Improved One-Button Control

Although the classic Crafty had a similar one-button design with two preset temperatures, the Crafty+ comes with three options for a more personalized vaping experience. With just three clicks of the button, you can enjoy the new Super Boost feature which brings the temperature up to 210°C. This is a great feature, as it allows you to boost the temperature at the end of your vape session to get the last bit of goodness out of your dry herb material.

Sleek New Body

The shell of the Crafty + has been given something of a facelift with a trendy fin effect in a more durable material. It’s not just the exterior that’s been upgraded though. Storz & Bickel have also improved the circuit board on the Crafty+ for what they say will be the highest performing Crafty yet. The unit itself fits comfortably into your hand and the size of the vaporizer is almost identical with the original Crafty.

Compatible with the original Crafty

One of the great features of the new Crafty + Vaporizer is its compatibility with the previous model. All accessories and parts are interchangeable with the original model. If you have upgraded your old Crafty for the new and improved Crafty Plus, all your spare parts will also fit into your new vape. This is great, as it saves money and reduces waste at the same time. A great shout from Storz & Bickel, we think!

An Extra Year Warranty

The Crafty Vaporizer came with two years stock warranty as standard, but with the Crafty + Storz & Bickel have extended this by a third year. However, this extension only applies to customers who register their device with Storz & Bickel.

Battery and Charging

Average battery life 50 + Minutes (about 6 bowls per charge)
Recharge time 70 Minutes

Our Thoughts On The Crafty+

The update to the flawed, but very popular, Crafty has been long-awaited by the vaping community. Storz & Bickel have kept their cards close to their chest on this one, leaving clues and hints on their social media accounts, but giving very little away about what exactly the update would include. And now that it’s here, what do we think?

Overall, the improvements seem to be well-thought-out. Storz & Bickel have clearly listened to their customers and taken on board their issues with the original Crafty. What they’ve created isn’t the brand new model that many hoped for, but is certainly a vast improvement on the original device. 

Storz & Bickel, who are also the brand behind the vastly popular Mighty Vaporizer ,  sure know how to generate excitement and seem to have hit the mark by keeping the unit similar enough to the original so that it seems cohesive while still making some very tactical improvements to the performance and experience it delivers.

Was the upgrade everything we expected? Pretty much. Will it prove to be just as popular as the Crafty? Only time can tell. But one thing is for sure -  customers won’t wait long before sharing their thoughts on the Crafty+. Some say it is even better than the Mighty vape.

Included with Crafty+

  • Crafty Plus Vaporizer
  • USB Cable
  • 3x Base Seal Ring, small
  • 3x Normal Screen, small
  • 3x Coarse Screen, small
  • 2x Drip Pad, small
  • 1x Dosing Capsule
  • Instruction for Use & Safety Instructions

Crafty + Technical Specifications

Vaporizes Herbs and concentrates
Storage capacity 0.25 grams
Temperature Levels 6 settings + App (40-210°C)
Initial heating Approximately 90 seconds
Heating system Hybrid (conduction and convection)
Heating chamber material

Stainless steel and Ceramic

External coating material Plastic
Crafty Battery life 1 hour+ of use
Battery functions Allows use during battery charging (with at least 20% charge available)
Compatible chargers USB
Compatible smartphones Yes, Android. Not for iOS, please use the new web app.
Other functions Cooling, stand-by and vibration and LED alerts
Crafty Dimensions 11.0 cm x 5.7 cm x 3.3 cm
Crafty Weight 136 grams
Crafty Warranty 2 years + 1 year warranty upon registration. The warranty for this device is dealt with by Storz & Bickel directly.


This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product.

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