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Haze Square Pro

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Haze Sqaure Pro FEATURES

  • 4 Chambers
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Dry herbs & Concentrates
  • Pocket-sized
  • Adjustable Temperature

Type: Portable

Haze Square Pro UK


The Haze Square Pro is a square vaporizer with rotating quad chambers. The temperature presets range from 168 – 249 °C and the unit remembers the last preset used. Users can choose from five temperatures through the app as well as with temperature buttons on the unit. The unit also comes with a USB-C for fast charging and easy programming. The vaporizer uses convection heating and is compatible with wax, oil and herb.


The Haze Square Pro is the first unit that has rotating quad chambers. This allows a user to switch easily between herb, oil, and wax or prepack sufficient material for ease of use outside the home. Users can use the application to control the LED colour, the vibrations of the unit, and lock in the best temperature presets for the materials they are using. The USB-C also allows for rapid charging.

As to portability, this unit will not fit easily into your pocket but it is portable for when you want to use it on the go. The ability to prepack materials will also benefit those who want to use the product outside of the home.

What the manufacturer says about it

The manufacturer of the Haze Square Pro, Haze Technologies, promotes the higher capacity and four rotating chambers of this unit, which allow for easy switching between vaping materials. Haze Technologies also promotes the heat on demand feature, which allows a user to use the vaporizer without waiting for the unit to heat up. The user can set up to 5 preset temperatures using their application and attaining a full charge with the USB-C cable will take about 30 minutes. The manufacturer promises four times the capacity from their older unit – the Haze Dual.

What users are saying

As of this writing, the Haze Square Pro is in the pre-order phase. There are no user reviews yet available. User reviews for their Haze Dual product were positive for some similar features. Users were happy with the fact that you can prepack material into the vaporizer and switch between materials easily (the dual has two chambers). Uses of their previous units also appreciated the easy to clean stainless steel chambers and removable parts. Users are often concerned about colour and size of a vaporizer. Users of the previous product noted that the colour and size of the unit make discreet use outside of the home possible.

Battery life and Charging

The Haze Square Pro is still in the pre-order phase and not all the specifications of the product are available from the manufacturer. Charging of this unit uses USB-C and the manufacturer states that a full charge can be attained in 30 minutes.

Average battery life

Unspecified Minutes

Recharge time

30 Minutes

In the box

One Haze Square Pro vaporizer

Four material pods

Two concentrate pads

Two silicone lids

One mouthpiece

One charger

One USB-C charging cable

One cleaning tool

One dabber/packer tool

One user manual

Technical Specifications

Size (length, width, height in centimetres)

4.4 x 17.8 x 21 cm

Weight (in grams)

794 g

Temperature range (in Celsius)

168 - 249°C

Temperature presets


Temperature settings

Preset temperatures

Heat power source


Heating element type/material


Chamber/oven material

Stainless steel

Heat up time (in seconds)

On demand

Types of material usable inside

Herb, wax, oil

Dry herb capacity (in grams)


Extract attachment


Control / setting interface

App controlled, button on unit

Delivery method

Direct pull

Body material

Mouthpiece material



Haze Technologies

Made in

Designed in

United States

Release date

May 30, 2018


110 V

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