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Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

Included Free


  • For Wax
  • No Wicks or Coils
  • Portable eRig (eNail)
  • For Solid Wax Concentrates
  • Heats to 700°F in 30 Seconds
  • 50% Bigger nails
  • 50-60 Uses on a Single Charge
  • Removable/Replaceable Battery
  • High-Quality Ceramic Heating Core
  • Includes Glass Water Filtration Attachment
  • Includes Quartz, Titanium & Ceramic Nails 

Dr. Dabber Boost


The Dr. Dabber Boost is a USB-Powered portable dab-rig for essential oils as well as solid wax extracts. A single glass-water attachment is included with the eRig, as well as three nails heated by the eRig’s internal combustion source. Its micro-USB powered detachable battery is included, as well as a no-questions asked 1 year warranty.


Offering a portable rig for solid wax extracts, its small size allows users to carry it virtually anywhere, fitting snugly in their pockets. It includes a glass-water attachment, that while is relatively small, allows users to filter their tracts for a smoother use.

Included, is an easily removable and replaceable battery, as well as three different nails. These nails, which become extremely hot, all have different varying amounts of time that take to heat them up. After a set amount of seconds, a blue-light lights up on its external case indicating it is ready for use.

After they are pressed to be heated, they continue to heat, so caution after use is advised.

Its Titanium nail requires its users to press its power button 3 times, and wait 25 seconds before it’s ready to be fully inhaled. Both its ceramic and quartz nails requires a similar method, only with the user pressing the power button 5 times, waiting for its blue-light to appear until after 40 seconds it indicates it’s ready to use by changing to white.

Its battery, while it does not last for too many hits, is capable of lasting up to two 40-60 hits. With its micro-usb capabilities, it is easy to charge it anywhere a micro-USB cord is used.

What the manufacturer says about it

Dr. Dabber offers the first versatile portable dab rig that puts the comforts of home in your pocket. The device is set to heat to optimal temperatures, mimicking traditional torches.

What users are saying

The Dr. Dabber Boost eRig offers a sustainable and powerful eRig, yet many users report issues with its battery. Regardless of this, the warranty often covers any problems and most users are pleased with their experience.

Battery life and Charging

Its battery is capable of lasting for an average of forty to sixty separate hits, with its life depending on usage. For more experienced users, it is required to charge it once every two days.

Average battery life

40-60 Hits

Recharge time

6-8 hours / 480 minutes

In the box

  • 1 Boost Black Edition eRig
  • 1 Glass Water Attachment 
  • 1 XL Homeless Titanium Nail (Threaded)
  • 1 Xl Ceramic Nail (Threaded)
  • 1 XL Quartz Nail (Threaded)
  • 1 Magnetic Carb Cap
  • 1 Magnetic Loading Tool
  • 2 Medical Grade Silicon Storage Container 
  • 1 Micro-usb charging cable
  • 1 Special edition Dr. Dabber Keychain

Technical Specifications

Size (length, width, height in centimetres)

2.75 x 6.75 x 7 in

Weight (in grams)

453.59 g

Temperature range (in Celsius)

315 °C

Temperature presets

1 preset

Temperature settings

Manually pressed

Heat power source


Heating element type/material

Internal modular heating

Chamber/oven material

Magnetic Precap

Heat up time (in seconds)

30 seconds

Types of material usable inside

Essential oils / Dry Extract

Dry herb capacity (in grams)


Extract attachment

Glass Water Attachment

Control / setting interface

Dual-Buttons, Directly Pressed

Delivery method

Direct Pull

Body material

Stainless-Steel / Glass

Mouthpiece material



Dr. Dabber

Made in

United States

Designed in

United States

Release date



1 Year

This trusted information is sourced form the manufacturer.

Type: Dabbing

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