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Dr. Death Bong By Chongz

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Type: Bong

Dr. Death Bong By Chongz

This bong made by Chongz is a real heavy hitter that will give you some really large and smooth hits every time you use it. It is 55cm tall so this is a very large bong that also got some of the best filtration to clean the smoke I have ever seen. The smoke travels from the bowl down the stem and into three inline diffusers before passing the last filtration in an inline percolator. To get the smoke even cooler you can put a few ice cubes in the stem and they will be held in place by the three ice notches. The bowl is very large and it can hold a large amount of herb (at least 1g) but it works fine with lesser amounts as well. It also connects perfectly with the down stem with an 18.8mm male joint. To me, this is a very nice looking and easy to use bong that will suit most people looking for a quality piece to enjoy your favorite herb with.

Bong Features

  • Large Rips

  • Thick Glass

  • Advanced Filtrations

  • Ice Notches

Bong Specifications

  • Brand: RAD

  • Glass Thickness: 5mm

  • Height: 541mm

  • Joint: Female

  • Joint Size: 18.8

  • Material: Glass

  • Mouthpiece: Straight

  • Filtration: Inline Advanced Percolators

**For legal use only