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  • Paperless smoking experience
  • Sleek aesthetic design
  • Sturdy Borosilicate Glass

Type: Pipes

Glass Blunt

The Glass Blunt is a truly innovative product that allows you to enjoy your herb without the messy process of rolling a paper joint and the harmful ash and smoke of burning papers. You simply pack the glass blunt tube with your herb blend, light it as you would a joint and enjoy!

Innovative, Paperless Glass Blunts

The Glass Blunt is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass with a sliding feature to ensure that you have the desired amount of smoking herbs while preparing it for a session. This glass blunt is comprised of a 10.5cm long glass pipe and a glass mouthpiece. The shape of the mouthpiece ensure that the glass blunt delivers the smoke effectively and uniformly.

Easy To Pack And Easy To Clean

Rather than awkwardly fiddling about with papers and roaches when it comes to packing a glass blunt you simply push your herb blend into it. Once you're finished simply gently tip out the ash out of the glass blunt and carefully wipe away the built up resin and grime, preserving your glass blunt for future smoking sessions.

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