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Pax 2

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  • Dry Herb Only
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • 45 Second Heat Up
  • 90 Minute Battery Life

Type: Portable

The Pax 2 Vaporizer UK


This vaporizer promises you absolute peace of mind when it comes to design, look and functionality. The sublime Pax 2 is brought to you by Pax Labs, masterminded by two Stanford graduates, who were quick to revolutionize the vaporizer market with their innovative Pax 1 model back in 2012.

Pax 2 was introduced to the market three years later in 2015 and manages to offer an even more palatable vaporizer experience. Pax, which means “peace” in Latin, possesses a serene appeal thanks to its monolithic aluminum shell that comes in various colors and its easy-to-handle make.

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Pax 2 Key Features

Pax 2 in the UK comes equipped with two interchangeable silicone mouthpieces, whether you like the look and feel of the flat mouthpiece or develop and take a liking to the raised option is entirely up to you. Maybe you like to keep it casual during the daytime, but prefer a statement piece for the evening and night? The mouthpieces certainly help you achieve and attain an exquisite look and let you decide on what it is you want. They are both smoothly exchanged for one another and add a certain flair to whatever outfit or state of mind you are rocking and want to be projecting. Another superb feature is the button that creates and elicits a responsive light show; for every command, you enter via the button you'll receive a different light response from Pax 2's light petals. We could thus call the Pax 2 the first interactive premium vaporizer – simply another detail that adds to your overall peace of mind because Pax 2 lets you know exactly what it has in mind and what may be on your mind as well...

Is my Pax 2 UK currently on or off? Is the battery charged? What is the temperature setting? Can I start vaping? 

Ease Of Use

The PAX2  is very simple and easy to use- all you have to do is remove the oven lid, fill the chamber with your materials, replace the lid, and then power up the PAX2. Once you have all of this done the indicator light will turn purple to let you know that the device is heating up and once the light turns green you’ll know that the vaporizer is ready. A very handy feature is the motion sensing system which senses when your vaporizer is not in use and so the vaporizer turns off to conserve battery life and herbs. The PAX 2 is fully charged in roughly 3 hours and comes with a USB, AC adapter and charging kit to set you on your vaping way. Overall, the PAX 2 is a cutting edge vaporizer that provides you with a vaping experience that is simply second to none. A vape from a PAX2 will be aromatic, delicious, and will simply blow away any other vaporizer on the market.

Hidden Pax 2 Features

Pax Labs is acutely aware of the wonderful light petal detail they've created for their Pax 2. That is probably the reason for the Pax 2's hidden order to unveil and reveal your Pax 2's hidden delight simply “rotate it three times” as per Pax Labs' instructions. Your model will then either go into “Stealth Mode”, “Party Mode”, “Alternate Party Mode” or any number of other modes that will be sure to bring you joy via its light effects.

What the manufacturer says about it

Pax Labs' ambitious objective is to “redefine the ritual” - an all-encompassing approach to not only providing people who enjoy vaporizers with the best devices on the market, but perhaps also to be understood as an attempt to gleam cigarette and cigar smokers away from their vices and present them with a classy and modern substitute. Pax Labs' self-proclaimed goal is to bring innovation to vaporization and with Pax 2's performance and its array of special features, this appears to not only be in the realm of the feasible but a tangible reality. Pax 2, as advertised by Pax Labs themselves, is “smaller, smarter, sleeker” than Pax 1 and knows how to shine courtesy of its quality materials and manufacturing. 

PAX 2 - Whats new?

The power of the Pax2 Vaporizer has been taken to a whole new level compared to its predecessors. The vapour quality is superior and is far more easily controlled. This device incorporates a four set temperature system, lip sensing technology, auto cooling, and many more features which all act together to enhance your vaping experience to the next level. In order to get the device working simply press the button at the top, place the device in your mouth, and watch as beautiful delicious herbs flow into your body like nature intended.

What users are saying in UK?

It looks like a remote! Does it not? At least that's what other Pax 2 users are saying. And this vaporizer certainly seems to be as easy to use as flipping through TV channels or pressing a button in order to open or close the garage door. Users love the simplicity of Pax 2 and would love to recommend its  functions to other potential buyers. And just like your regular remote control, Pax 2 also functions via the push of a button. One button to control all settings and actions; does that fire you up? It does most users, who extol this feature as a veritable virtue. Guess what! A push on the button also fires up the oven. Pax 2's internal oven possesses 4 temperature settings, all devised to help you experience and control your perfect and divine vaporizing session. Other users rejoice at Pax 2's metallic look - for this is no antiquated pipe – a trendy accessory that enriches every outfit with taste and flavor.

Easy To Clean Pax 2

Pax 2 is also commended and recommended for its superbly easy oven cleaning mechanism: After removing the oven lid, use the cleaning kit to remove built up. Pax 2 Cleaning Kit

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Pax 2 UK Warranty

Pax 2 comes with two different sets of warranties: A 2-year warranty and a 10-year warranty. If the latter does not inspire trust in potential buyers, then what does? This is a vote of confidence by Pax Labs in their own product and a signal to buyers that the manufacturer believes in his product.

Battery And Charging

The internal Lithium-Ion battery boasts charge for up to 5-10 sessions – dependent on frequency of use, temperature settings, and the cycle of reheating and cooling. In addition, Pax 2 offers you the chance to fully integrate itself into your digital life and world: It can be charged via a magnetic USB cradle and lets itself be plugged into your computer. Just like your smartphone or any MP3 device. An effortlessly easy charging experience.

Average battery life

Dependent on temperature, session length etc.

Recharge time

Roughly 180 minutes via USB, roughly 120 minutes via wall adapter (has to be bought separately)

What's In The Pax 2 Vaporizer Box?

Pax 2 is delivered alongside two mouthpieces, one already fitted and placed on the device, the other one the raised variant reminiscent of Pax 1's original built. What else? One magnetic charging cradle with a USB cord, which allows for plugging into a socket or a computer in order to charge the battery. Last but not least, Pax 2 arrives with a cleaning kit that includes isopropyl alcohol as well as a set of pipe cleaners to help you sufficiently clean your device.

Pax 2 Specifications

Size (length, width, height in centimeters)

3.87 x 1.21 x 0.85 cm

Weight (in grams)


Included Cleaning Kit? Yes

Temperature range (in Celsius)


Temperature presets


Temperature settings

Manual – via a Button

Heat power source

Lithium-Ion Battery

Heating element type/material

Thin Film Kapton Heater Flex

Chamber/oven material

Stainless Steel Oven

Heat up time (in seconds)

Under a minute.

Discreet? Yes, Very

Types of material usable inside

Dry leaves only!

Dry herb capacity (in grams)


Extract attachment

Ergonomic Design Yes

Control / setting interface

One button for every command.

Delivery method

Direct pull

Different Colors Yes, 2

Body material

Transverse Brushed Anodized Aluminum

Mouthpiece material


Durable Design Yes


Pax Labs

Made in


Designed in

United States of America

Release date

March 10, 2015


2 Years and 10 Years

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience testing the product.

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