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ARGO Parts & Accessories

Smono Premium Cleaner
Smono Premium Cleaner
£7.49 £10.45
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Arizer ARGO Vaprozier UK
Arizer ArGo
£124.00 £209.00
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Storz and Bickel Grinder Herb mill
Storz & Bickel Herb Mill
View Product
Grindervac Black top open
£8.90 £16.00
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Smono Premium Organic Vipes 10x
Smono Premium Organic Wipe
£0.80 £2.00
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Arizer ARGO Glass Aroma Tube
Arizer ARGO Glass Aroma Tube
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Arizer Argo Replacement Screen Pack
ARGO Screen Pack
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Arizer Air 2 Battery
Arizer ARGO Battery
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Arizer Stainless Steel Stir Tool
Arizer Stainless Steel Stir tool
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ArGo Silicone Caps for Mouthpieces (4 pieces)
ArGo Silicone Caps for Mouthpieces (4 pieces)
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ArGo Belt-Clip Carry Case
ArGo Belt-Clip Carry Case
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ARGO - Prefill set
ArGo - Prefill set
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ArGo Accessories

The ArGo vaporizer by Arizer is a favourite among vapers for its size, vapour quality, and overall durability. But now, thanks to the high quality vaporizer accessories we have here for you, your vaporizer is versatile, making your experience with the Arizer ArGo dynamic and full of good surprises.

Aroma Tube

If you already like the taste and overall aroma from the ArGo vaporizer, then adding this all-glass aroma tube to your unit will make the experience 10 times better. 

This all-glass aroma tube is made specifically to enhance the vapour produced by the ArGo by cooling it off a little bit as you draw and magnifying the taste of the vapour. Also, since it is made from very durable glass, it doesn’t have to be a hassle or a worry.

Water Tool Adapter

Have you ever been vaping, and wished you could be using your favourite bong, but without the unhealthy and not-go-good-tasting experience? Well, you can. The Arizer ArGo is now compatible to use with any female glass joint measuring 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm!

This water tool adapter is made from high quality material, and is designed specifically to allow a steady flow of vape into the water accessory, while still keeping the flavour fresh and present. 

If you love water pipes, then this is definitely something you should try with your Arizer ArGo!

Stir Tool

The Arizer ArGo Stir Tool is made specially to help you pack and clean your vape unit. It makes your life a little easier, and it always makes your sessions smoother and frustration-free, which is much appreciated in our stressful everyday lives!


One of our favourite features of the Arizer ArGo is that it has a removable battery. But what’s the use of a removable battery aside from just being a cool feature?

Well, the fact that you can remove and replace it if anything goes wrong; and the fact that you can purchase an extra battery or two, and use one while you charge another for continuous and uninterrupted vapour sessions. 

These batteries are made specifically for the ArGo, and will pack the punch your original battery does without a doubt. 

Car Charger

We love convenience. We know that the majority of our clients live on-the-go lifestyles which sometimes don’t allow them enough time to simply charge a battery at home, even if it takes just a short time. So how can they charge their Arizer ArGo batteries?

In the car! With the car charger designed for the ArGo vaporizer, complete with the car adapter and USB cable, our busy clients and everyone else can enjoy the convenience of vaping to their heart’s desire, and then charging their batteries while they are out and about carrying out the important tasks of the day.

USB Charger

The USB charger is a very simple yet very essential part of any electronic setup, especially when it comes to vaporizers. But unfortunately, they can get damaged or lost pretty easily. But not to worry, you can always purchase a spare here at Herbalize.

This USB charger comes with everything you need to get to charging your vape unit immediately, and is ready to use the moment you unbox it!

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