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Dab Tools

Dosing Capsule Liquid Pads - MIGHTY & CRAFTY
Dosing Capsule Liquid Pads - MIGHTY & CRAFTY
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Dynavap Honest Single Torch Green
Dynavap Honest (Single Torch)
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Puffco Hot Knife All new Colors UK
Puffco Hot Knife
£75.00 £89.00
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The Proxy Droplet Bubbler from Puffco
Proxy Droplet
£118.00 £139.00
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Proxy Wizard Pipe
Proxy Wizard Pipe
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Zenco Duo Vaporizer Onyx
Zenco Duo
£229.00 £249.95
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Zenco Flow Vaporizer Onyx
Zenco Flow
£229.00 £249.00
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Storz & Bickel Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules
£7.99 £11.00
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Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules for Liquids
Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules for Liquids
£18.00 Sold out
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Puffco New Plus Onyx UK
Puffco New Plus
£79.99 £89.00 Sold out
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Vapotorch Jetflame
Vapotorch Jetflame
£15.00 Sold out
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Linx Ares Vaporizer
Linx Ares
£79.00 £106.99 Sold out
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Dabbing, or vaporizing concentrate in one form or another, is a super effective and efficient way to get your daily dose of goodness, but it’s an activity a bit more esoteric than plain old dry herb vaping (it’s not plain, we didn’t mean that). And, although dabbing is certainly growing in popularity, some of the best ways to make the most out of your experience may be lost to you - cloaked within a world of specialized tools for specialized substances.

You see, every extract can take on its own consistency - they can be sticky and soft or brittle and hard. And, even extracts made from the same plant can come out differently depending on all kinds of factors. So, to make the dabbing ritual stress free and as effortless as it should be, we’ve compiled a collection of the best dabbing tools to accompany our best dabbing devices. 

First, we’ll go over very briefly why you might need different tools depending on what kind of dab experience you’re after. Then we’ll explain why these tools are great and the best way to take advantage of the assistance they can offer. So read on to explore the many little helping hands we have available for your perfect dab sesh.

concentrate tools uk


But why dab in the first place? It seems a bit complicated, doesn’t it? Well, sure, but even vaping looks complicated to the untrained eye. Dabbing does have some good points worth considering:

Concentrates are, as you can assume, concentrated. They’re more powerful than dry herb by a long shot. Simply, dabbing is a more efficient, effective and cleaner way of enjoying the power of your products. There’s much less waste, much more flavour, and an immediately powerful effect. 

This last point, of course, isn’t for everyone. Sometimes users are looking for a mellow and smoother experience. But if you are searching for immediate effects from a purer substance than dry herb, try dabbing. We think you’ll like it.


puffco peak ball cap uk

So to get started, here’s a small overview of the kinds of dabbing kit that you may indeed encounter on your journey to dab-ville:

Nails - A small, shallow dish, the nail is meant to be used only with dab rigs (those things that look like bongs). The nail is the part which you can apply heat to and then drop your concentrate onto. This will then vaporize your concentrates and you can consume much like you would with a bong.

There are a few types of dab nails you can use with a dab rig - nails with domes (used to evenly heat and retain vapour) and nails without domes. Along with this, there are several different types of materials that nails can be made out of, including titanium (fast heating but quick to lose heat), ceramic (slower to initial heat but longer heat retention), quartz, and glass.


A very popular accessory for dab rigs, percolators can be used to add an extra layer of aeration to the vapour before it reaches your mouth - in short, you get cooler vapour. There are all kinds of percolators out there, but they all function to add more filtration to your draw. There are honeycomb percs, tree percs, cyclone percs, shower head percs, percs shaped like your cat (sorry, just kidding), etc.


A dabber is, simply, a tool that can be used to scoop up your concentrate and place it onto your dab nail or heat source. They are most commonly made of metal or glass.

Cleaning Tools 

These usually aren’t very specific and are there to help you keep your unit squeaky clean (which as we know is very important to make sure all that concentrate gunk doesn’t ruin future sessions).

Dab Multi-tools

Much like a Swiss Army knife, these multitools have a bunch of little gadgets to help you in every phase of your session.

Dab Mats

These life savers serve as a place to set up your dab rig - they are usually made out of silicone and are highly non-stick so that if any bits of concentrate spill over they are easy to collect.

dr dabber honeymat uk


So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our range of dabbing tools and accessories. We’ve split them into categories according to brand, and we’ll tell you exactly how to use them and why.

Dr. Dabber 

Dr. Dabber is known for making some of the best dab rigs out there, and we’re happy to offer some of Dr. Dabber’s most popular and widely used units, including the Dr. Dabber Switch, the Dr. Dabber Boost, and the Dr. Dabber Ghost. Here’s some of the great accessories Dr. Dabber offer:

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter 

This tool is ideal for cutting up tough wax concentrate. The heated cutting head slices your wax in half like melted butter without getting too dangerously hot, and is a huge time saver.  The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter includes 7 different cutting heads to suit any concentrate need, calibrated heating technology, and a USB charger. 

And, of course, it’s super easy to use. Simply select one of the 7 cutting tips, screw the tip on top of the budder cutter battery, press the Dr. Dabber button to start heating up the tip, and then just slice your wax.

Dr. Dabber Silicone Honey Mat 

As we touched on above, non-stick mats can be a bit of a life saver for saving those dropped bits of concentrate. Dr. Dabber’s Silicone Honey Mat is stick-free and food-grade, tear resistant and available in small or large. It’s also shaped like a honeycomb, which is absolutely lovely to behold. Oh, and it’s the perfect companion for your Budder Cutter!

Dr. Dabber Ghost Globe Attachment

This is a replacement Globe Attachment for the Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer. It includes a mouthpiece, glass globe and globe atomizer. Featuring an enclosed glass chamber and an exposed heating element, the globe is essentially a small nail and vapour dome attachment for your vape pen. The clear glass globe allows you to see the thick, milky vapour produced by the Ghost Pen filling the chamber, ready for inhaling.

Puffco Peak 

Puffco is a bit of a new brand on the scene, but they’ve managed to cause quite a stir already with their high quality devices that deliver consistently excellent vapour. The Puffco Peak E-Nail took the dabbing and vaping community by storm and became an instant sensation. So what cool accessories/tools does the brand have?

Puffco Peak Atomizer

This atomizer is the official replacement for the Puffco Peak. The Peak atomizer is a thermal-banger style, where the (ceramic) bowl rests in the centre of the atomizer casing, right on top of the heating element. This atomizer is intended to create high temperatures and even heating, and isn’t made out of anything that might contaminate your vapour - no fibres or glues or plastics here! This creates a pure, smooth, and flavourful vapour quality.

Puffco Peak Ball Cap and Tether 

What on earth is this, you might ask? The ball cap and tether is a device that is tethered and secured to your atomizer. It increases air velocity while at the same time creating directional airflow to maximize the vapour production of your Puffco Peak. Made out of borosilicate glass, the ball cap can be directed around your bowl to get every last bit of concentrate. Oh, and it comes in some amazing colours like green, yellow, or blue. 

Puffco Peak Glass 
puffco peak glass uk

This Puffco Peak Glass can act as a replacement or simply as a change in appearance. This borosilicate glass dome attachment simply snaps into place of the base. It’s strong and heat resistant, and features percolation filtration to ensure your draw is smooth and cool every time. And this one’s also available in 7 different, delightful colours.


Known for their amazing and economic dry herb vapes, Firefly doesn’t always come to mind when thinking about dabbing. However, Firefly has mastered the art of versatility, and their Firefly 2 vape is concentrate-adaptable with the help of their perfect little concentrate pad:

Firefly 2 Concentrate Pad

With the Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads, you can turn your vaporizer into a little portable dab machine. This 3 pack of stainless steel mesh concentrate pads is designed to rapidly absorb heat and can be used for vaporizing solid/waxy and liquid concentrates. 

firefly concentrate pads uk

To use the Concentrate Pads, simply press firmly around the edges of the mesh pad until it is fully seated inside the bottom of the bowl in your Firefly. Once the pad is inserted, place 1 or 2 drops of liquid, or a medium amount of wax material in the centre of the pad. Be careful not to overload. Hold the heating button while taking 10 to 15 slow draws until visible vapour is seen. Once you start to see vapour, use as normal!

Higher Standards 

Higher Standards offer dabbing units that are versatile and unique. Their well-known Heavy Duty Dab Rig can be hooked up to a vaporizer and enjoyed as a water bong, for example. Versatility aside, they always offer a great quality vapour and excellently designed units.

Higher Standards Blazer GT8000 - Dab Torch 

higher standards dab torch uk

This is, as I’m sure you can imagine, a torch for your dab rig. In this collaboration between Higher Standards and Blazer, the two have come together to create a portable, powerful, and long lasting blaze to heat your dab to the temperatures you need. This little torch has an impressively large burn time of 35 minutes.  

And, if you’re worried about safety - don’t be. This torch has a flame control and safety flame nozzle to make heating your dab as safe as possible while ensuring you’re always in control. It also comes with a detachable base to prevent the unit from falling over after you’ve completed your heating.

Rosin Press

Although not a brand in itself, some of us might not be all that familiar with what on earth a rosin press actually is. Well, very simply, it’s a machine that you can use to make your own concentrate (I know, it does sound cool!) A rosin press is essentially anything used to extract cannabinoids through heat and pressure. Typically, this consists of two heated plates that are pressed down onto each other (with some material in the middle) to create enough force to facilitate an extraction, which then results in concentrate. 

Rosin Filler Bags 120ΜM

The rosin filler bag, then, is the bag that you put your material in before beginning the press extraction process. And, they’re not just any normal bags. Made of nylon and non-stick, they help to make sure the flavour of your concentrate stays intact and protects it until you’re ready to consume! They are also heat resistant, of course, up to 240°C and can be used up to 4 times over.

The Happy Dab Kit

The Happy Dab Kit is pretty much everything the name suggests - a happy little kit to help you have the best possible dab experience. Spread happiness with this Happy Dab kit. Inside this shock-proof case, you'll find everything you need to dab your favourite concentrates:

  • Shock Proof Case
  • Nectar Collector
  • Butane Torch
  • 2x 5ml Containers
  • Dab Tool
  • Keck Clip

The shockproof case contains everything you'll need to start dabbing, we mean it. The nectar collector is perfectly designed for vaping concentrates while on the move. All you need to do is add water to the nectar collector and heat the nail using your torch (included in the kit). The kit also comes with two 5ml containers for storing your concentrate, a tool to avoid waste and sticky fingers, all packed within a perfectly portable case.

cheap dab kit uk

So there you have it, every accessory, every replacement, and every tool necessary for any dab session. For everything you could need to make dabbing as easy as pie, our range of dabbing tools and accessories will provide!

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