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Pax Vaporizer Accessories Overview

PAX labs is one of a kind on the market today for many reasons: their vape units are super high quality, always deliver amazing vapour, and are simply beautiful. Not to mention, their vaporizers always have fun little surprises, whether it’s games or Bluetooth connection. But PAX Labs wanted to offer even more and only offer the best Pax accessories and replacement parts. Check below to see what we have to offer for the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers.

Pax 2 Accessories

The Pax 2 unit is already amazing. It delivers tasty and cool vapour and is very streamline in design. But there are a few parts and accessories you can use to ensure that your vaping experience is always the best with your Pax 2 vaporizer.

pax vape accessories uk

We offer official Pax 2 screens for you to have on-hand. These screens are high quality, easy to clean, and easy to insert into the vape unit. It’s super important to always vape through a clean screen if you want tasty vapour. So that’s why you should change out your screens every 5-7 sessions (depending on use)!

We also offer the handy Pax 2 Multi-tool accessory. It serves as both a packing tool and a cleaning tool. We recommend this to anyone who has a PAX vaporizer since it just makes your life that much easier!

The Pax 2 vape was made to use with dry herbs only. This incredible vape is equipped with two mouthpieces, one is flat and the other one is raised. If you find some difficulties to put the mouthpiece back into the vape, you might need to use the Pax lubricant. This mouthpiece lubricant prevents the metal buildup from accumulating and makes sure smooth mouthpiece action every time. It also keeps the sensor that detects whether or not the mouthpiece is in the ON/OFF position free of buildup.

Pax 3 Accessories

If you bought the Pax 3 vaporizer, you probably had the choice between the basic kit or the complete kit. To keep it short, the complete kit contains the half-pack oven lid, concentrate inserts and three screens in addition to what the basic kit already contains. However, at some point of using your vape, you might need to replace some parts or accessories for different reasons.

The Pax 3 accessories are practically the same as the Pax 2 accessories we offer, because they are very similar vaporizers. The Pax 3 offers the same amazing vapour, the same great user experience, and a few more perks than the Pax 2.

pax ploom accessories uk
pax 3 accessories uk

We offer a Pax 3 screen pack complete with 2 high quality screens for you to use with your Pax 3. The importance of new screens should not be overlooked! You’ll notice the difference as soon as you switch to a new screen.

In addition to the Pax 3 screens, we also offer the Pax Multi-tool accessory. It works well both packing and cleaning the chamber, and is super convenient to have on-hand on all your adventures. It is even designed to be easily clipped onto a keychain for portability and ease of use!

And we haven’t forgotten to add the Pax 3 charger to our accessory list, because we know how essential it is to always have a high-functioning charger available! It comes with the USB cable for the Pax 3 and it’s AC power adapter box - everything you’ll need!