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Puffco Accessories

Proxy Wizard Pipe Desert and Black
🎄 SALE -0
Proxy Wizard Pipe
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The Proxy Droplet Bubbler from Puffco
🎄 SALE -15%
Proxy Droplet
£118.00 £139.00
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Puffco Budsy
🎄 SALE -34%
Puffco Budsy
Starting at £49.00
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Puffco Cupsy Coffee cup bong pipe
🎄 SALE -23%
Puffco Cupsy
£75.00 £98.00 Sold out
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Puffco Proxy Bub UK
🎄 SALE -13%
Proxy Bub
£129.00 £149.00
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Puffco Proxy Travel Pipe All Colors
🎄 SALE -28%
Proxy Travel Pipe
£54.00 £75.00
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Puffco Proxy Ball Cap UK
🎄 SALE -0
Proxy Ball Cap
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Proxy Travel Pack UK
🎄 SALE -0
Proxy Travel Pack
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Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl UK
🎄 SALE -0
Proxy Flower Bowl
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Proxy 3D Chamber UK
🎄 SALE -0
Proxy 3D Chamber
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Puffco Hot Knife UK
🎄 SALE -15%
Puffco Hot Knife
£75.00 £89.00
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Puffco Plus Replacement Mouthpiece UK
🎄 SALE -0
Puffco Plus Replacement Mouthpiece
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Puffco Accessories

Puffco is known for being one of the highlight brands of today’s vaporizer market. They offer some of the most lauded vaporizers that have won a huge range of awards.

Including the High Times Best Vaporizer in 2017. By working incessantly to offer the best and most straight forward vape experience possible, Puffco set themselves aside from the ever increasing number of vape brands.

Herbalize is the best place to find the best Puffco parts and accessories. We guarantee high quality, free shipping within the UK, and a broad selection of fantastic products.

Best Puffco Parts and Accessories

Puffco offers a broad range of parts and after-market accessories that ensure that you can get the very most out of your Puffco Peak  Pro vaporizers. 

  • Puffco Peak Glass: The Puffco Peak is a fantastic, water-cooled vaporizer. However it does feature a fragile glass dome. This allows you to replace that component should it break. 
  • Puffco Peak Atomizer: This thermal-banger style atomizer is designed for optimal heating. It features a coil, glue, and plastic free design, making it one of the purest coils on the market.

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