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puffco dap pen UK

If you are a vape OG, you have most probably already heard of the well-known Puffco vaporizers. Puffco vapes have been on the ‚Äėmust-have list‚Äô since they began their groundbreaking vaporizer journey in 2013 and now they are known to make some of the highest quality vaporizers on the market. Although there a wide variety of options on the market, Puffco vaporizers always come up on top and leave users as satisfied and happy as can be.

We believe that Puffco vaporizers are popular due to the attention to detail that they put in to each of their units. Puffco not only wanted their vaporizers to be the fanciest looking units on the market but also the most satisfying and the most enjoyable. Puffco vaporizers were specifically designed and created to bring out concentrates full potential and allow users to enjoy the concentrate experience to the fullest extent. With a Puffco vaporizer, you will only experience quality. 

Puffco loves boasting about their high quality vaporizers by saying "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself" and we can’t agree more. Each of their vaporizers have something special and unique to offer that make the vaping experience more than enjoyable. They really put time and effort in to each of their vaporizers to ensure optimal functionality, satisfaction and quality; and the results are close to perfection.

Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak vaporizer is one of Puffco’s most well-known and widely used unit. It is considered one of the best dab rigs of 2018 and is made to blow your mind and your session buddies each time you pull it out. The Peak offers some of the highest quality of vapour and this is all thanks to its smart water filtration system which cools down the vapour without affecting its delicious flavour. With the Peak, you will be able to enjoy your favourite concentrate like never before.

The Puffco has a mind blowing heat up time of 20 seconds that can't be compared with other options on the market that can take up to 3 minutes. The Puffco also has fancy smartware that automatically adjusts its bowl temperature to ensure maximum enjoyment. With the Peak, you don't have to wait for quality, it's always ready for you to enjoy.

cheap puffco peak UK
puffco peak UK

Its battery allows you to enjoy your vape sessions without worrying about constantly charging it. The Peak charges in only 2 hours and lasts up to 30 dab hits.¬†It might not sound like much, but once you take a big delicious hit from this unit, you will understand the meaning of "less is more".¬†With its quality battery and sturdy build, you can enjoy it wherever you go and easily take it in ‚Äėtravel mode‚Äô.

From the moment you unbox the Puffco Peak, you will definitely fall in love. The Puffco design team really put their heart and soul in to the build of this unit and thanks to them, the results are a unique, fancy looking unit that will not only make you look and feel like a vape master but also enjoy your vaping experience more than ever. We tip our hats to you Puffco, for creating such an incredible vaporizer!

Puffco Pro 2

Although the Puffco Peak is one of Puffco’s most well known vaporizers, the Pro 2 is not far behind in popularity or quality. The Puffco Pro 2 is the new and improved version of its predecessor, the Pro 1 and we have already fallen in love with it. It is definitely one of the best portable dab rigs on the market, for it offers quality vape and flawless functionality that makes vaping easy and fun.

puffco pro UK

The Pro 2 is known to preserve the delicious flavour of wax and to create massive, delicious clouds of vape that always leave you wanting more. It boasts one of the largest ceramic ovens on the market that allows you to enjoy an impressive amount of wax in one sesh. The ovens design is slightly tilted toward the middle, which makes all the material end up on the hot coils instead of sticking to its sides. With the Pro 2, you won’t waste any precious material or be disappointed with its wonderful performance.

The Pro 2 has a sturdy stainless steel body and a simple yet elegant design that makes it both portable and discreet. It is smaller sized and made to fit perfectly in your pocket, purse or backpack and enjoyed on the go. For those looking for a high-quality dab pen that will offer massive clouds of delicious vape but will also fit in small spaces, the Pro 2 is the ideal unit. Its size might be cute, but its performance is scary good.

The Pro 2 does have some smart improvements that make it more recommendable than its predecessor. Its battery life allows you to enjoy it up to 100 times on one charge! Another big improvement is its amazing sesh mode. The Puffco Pro 2 has a unique sesh mode that makes the coils stay on your set temperature for 12 seconds so you get a big amount of continuous delicious vapour. The Pro 2 will allow you to enjoy your dab session like never before.

Puffco Plus V2 

Puffco has done it again with the amazing Plus dab pen. This easy to use, powerful unit is unique, well-made and delivers some of the highest quality of vape on the market. It was designed and crafted to satisfy the needs of the pickiest dab lover. It boasts a smart design and build that will allow you to enjoy optimal functionality and long-lasting use. The Plus is by far one of the best dab pens on the market.

One of the things that makes the Puffco Plus V2 unique is its coil free chamber. Its chamber is designed to function just like a ceramic nail, making it a more enjoyable dab unit by far. The Plus allows you to enjoy your favourite wax without wasting any material and offers delicious, clean vapour due to the fact that the wax is not making contact with coils and affecting the taste. Cleaning and maintenance is also a breeze due to its coil free chamber, making it perfect for dab beginners.

puffco plus UK

The Plus has a high quality design that allows it to be even more recommendable for those that are searching for a portable dab rig. It boasts a sturdy metal body and a smart mouthpiece that will allow you to take it on the go and enjoy a delicious dab wherever you please. Its battery also makes it great to take on travel mode, for it lasts up to 1 hour of continuous use and allows you to enjoy a large number of dabs.

Everything about the Puffco Plus has left us satisfied and more than happy. From the moment you take the Plus out of its box, you will be able to experience what a real portable dab pen is supposed to be. We once again have to thank Puffco for giving us a unit that allows us to unlock the full potential of our favourite wax and for crafting a unit that makes the dab experience fun, easy and enjoyable.

Puffco Vaporizers Offer Only Quality

Although we offer a wide variety of vaporizers here at Herbalize Store, we cannot help but say that Puffco vaporizers are most definitely on our ‚Äėfavourites list‚Äô. Each and every one of their vaporizers offer quality vapour and are made to make your life easy and your vape experience awesome. With a Puffco vaporizer, you can finally unlock the full potential of your favourite wax, enjoy dab session like never before and become a dab expert in no time.