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Zeus Vaporizers - Accessories Overview

Zeus is a super versatile brand that offers amazing vaporizers which have modern features and deliver tasty vapor each and every time. But that’s not all! Zeus also makes accessories to go with their 2 amazing vaporizers, the Arc and Arc GT vape units. See below just how much we have to offer you!


The Arc vaporizer has many amazing features that are unique to it, but these can all be reinforced and strengthened by using accessories with them! For example, we offer the Armor Case which houses the Zeus Arc vape unit along with your choice of accessories. It keeps your unit safe, out of sight, and it makes it super easy to take the unit anywhere with you. In addition to the case, we also offer the Arc Tool, the Arc Heatsink replacement piece, and the complete Arc Care Package, which comes with a mouthpiece, a screen set, and a steel flow sink all for an amazing price. We highly recommend checking these all out!

Arc GT

The Arc GT is basically an upgraded version of the Arc vaporizer unit. It has more features, different dimensions, and is simply more modern. And for this unit, we offer you accessories and replacements such as the Zeus IceBorn and Waterpipe Adapter, which you can use in order to vape with a water tool or waterpipe. We also offer the Arc GT version of the Arc Tool, and a high-quality Arc GT Heatsink replacement unit. You should definitely take a look at all these accessories and see what tickles your fancy.