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Zeus Arc

Included Free with Zeus Arc 

Zeus Arc Features

  • Stainless Steel vapor path

  • 3500mAh Battery

  • Motion Sensor

  • Haptic Feedback

  • Built-In Tool

Type: Portable

Zeus Arc Vaporizer


The Zeus Arc is a small powerful dry herb vaporizer that is packed with innovative and useful features that makes your everyday life as a vaporizer connoisseur a lot easier. With this new vape, the German manufacturer Zeus have taken their game to the next level and the Arc is highly praised around every vape community worldwide and often compared to higher priced units like the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers.
Zeus Arch Vaporizer


The Arc is sporting a matte black finish and smooth curves that give it a very classy look. It got a very compact design with a nice weight that makes it feel very exclusive when holding and using the device. I really like the sleek, classy and discreet look of this vaporizer a lot.

Vapor quality

The Zeus Arc is producing some excellent vapor from the first draw and huge amounts of it. When looking at the herb after a finished bowl/session you can see that it vaporizes everything evenly and efficiently to extract as much joy as possible out of your precious herb. The airflow is also great and got a perfect draw resistance so you can take 3-4 second rips and get huge clouds from it. In the vapor quality department, the Zeus Arc can compete with all the best vaporizer out there.


The Zeus Arc is very discreet, the small size and black exterior make it easy to conceal if you ever need to. The rectangular look of the device is non-descriptive and will probably appear to be a portable charger for the uninitiated

Battery Life

On average the Zeus Arc gives you about 90 minutes of use, which roughly translates to 10 sessions before you need to charge it. This means that you easily can bring it with you for a day trip without having to worry about recharging it. The battery is built in and can easily be charged via the USB cable that comes with the device.


Cleaning the unit is an overall easy procedure and you can even replace always replace the top mouthpiece if it gets too messy during longtime use. The one part that might be a bit difficult to clean is the screen in the chamber but it doesn't require nearly as much cleaning as the mouthpiece and its also replaceable. The Arc wear and tear kit have everything you need maintenance wise, it doesn't come with the vape but we recommend everyone to purchase it to make your life as a vaping connoisseur a lot easier down the line.

Ease Of Use

To start I just want to point out that the Zeus Arc GT is extremely easy to use. There is no learning curve as there is with other vaporizers. The top load design combined with the innovative mouthpiece makes for an easy load and inhale process. Featuring 3 temperatures, the average heat up time is a reasonable 80 seconds. All you need you need to do is take the mouthpiece off to reveal the herb chamber, load it with you favorite herb blend and choose your preferred heating cycle. If you run into any problems Zeus has included a very comprehensive users manual that thoroughly explains everything there is to know about the Zeus Arc.
Zeus Arc vaporizer

Technical Specifications




Dry Herb


9cm tall 4.5cm wide and 2.25 thick


559 grams

Vapor Path Material


Haptic Feedback




Last Words

Everyone at Herbalize UK that have tested the Arc is very impressed with the device. One can really see how much time, effort and strive for perfection were put into the final product. Zeus has once again manufactured a great dry herb vaporizer that produces consistently good vapor from the first draw. I really like the mouthpiece design and the tool has come in handy many times for stirring the bow and cleaning the device. The battery life is excellent and that the heat up time is closer to the long end of the spectrum I don't have a problem with because the vapor quality is great from the beginning of your session. I have nothing but good things to say about the Arc and I think this vaporizer got a place in everyone's collection.

In the Box:

  • Zeus Arc Vaporizer
  • USB Charging cable
  • Instructions
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Packing tool
  • Zeus Arsenal Sticker

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with the Zeus Arc.

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