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Type: Portable

Boundless Tera Vaporizer - The portable Vaporizer with multiple mouthpieces

Boundless had a rough start with the Tera Vaporizer, it seems like they rushed the release a bit and because of that, they had some problems with people experiencing a weird taste when using the device. It was probably the Teflon coating in the chamber that had a hard time dealing with the high temps and it could possibly be a health risk. So because of this Boundless had to recall all the first editions of the Tera Vaporizer to rethink and redesign the device. And they did so with flying colors, the new better version is pure genius, everyone at Herbalize Store really like what Boundless have achieved with the new updated Tera and I can now proudly add it to our collection of vapes.

It is a powerful, portable convection vaporizer that is priced well if you compared to its competition. If you buy the Tera you can expect to get a vaporizer that you can bring on the go, and it will produce a lot of tasty vapor whenever and wherever you want. It is a 100% convection vaporizer, which means that the herb gets heated with hot air, without any contact with the heat source. Convection vaporizers are known for producing the highest quality of vapor and is also the case with the Terra vape.

Boundless Tera Features

  • For Dry Herb And Wax
  • Latest V3 Model
  • LED Screen
  • Two Swappable Batteries
  • Interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • Waterpipe Adapter
Boundless Tera

Batteries - Super Power

The Tera Vaporizer is equipped with the most powerful batteries of all other vaporizers on the market. It’s two swappable 2500mAh batteries that pack a lot of punch and since there are two of them you also get a really good amount of time to use your Tera before they need to be recharged. When that time comes you can easily do so with the USB charger that comes with the Boundless Tera.

Pro Tip: If your budget allows, get an external charger for the batteries, it will charge them much faster and you will save time when you forgot to charge the night before and want to use your device.

Water Pipe Adapter

To include this water pipe adapter with the Tera is a truly awesome move by Boundless, it’s like if Apple would include a micro USB to HDMI converter to their crazy expensive computers, it doesn't cost much but it adds so much value to the product. Boundless did think of this and we thank them for it because you just get so much more variation out of your Tera vaporizer when this option becomes available straight away from purchase and with no additional cost needed. Most importantly - it works great, I have tried it in a few different water pipes and it fit all of them, not perfect but definitely good enough. And if you never tried to let your vapor go through any kind of water filtration system before inhaling it, then I really recommend you to do so because it really brings out the flavor in the vapor and cools it down a lot for a super smooth experience.

Build Quality

Since the remake, the Boundless Tera is put together with the highest quality materials and a good eye for detail. The new large (0.5g) heating chamber is now made out of metal and that’s a good choice I think since it should help heat your herb more evenly and it will resist all the heat it’s exposed to with prolonged use. The chamber is powered by a ceramic heating coil in the bottom and it heats it up in record time. Tera is also sporting the classic Boundless swivel mouthpiece with some minor changes to improve the in my opinion already good airflow. Like I mentioned before Boundless also includes a water pipe adapter which is a great addition. Tera is also equipped with an OLED screen on the top of the unit, here you can see the see the set temperature and you can adjust it with the buttons on the side of the unit. You also have haptic feedback built in the Terra vaporizer that will tell you when the set temp is reached and when it’s time to take a delicious big rip.

Tera vaporizer

Vapor Quality

There are few other vaporizers out there that can outperform the Tera vaporizer on its vapor quality, there are a few but they are significantly more expensive and out of reach for most vape purchasing budgets. I would recommend a long draw on a high temperature to let that convection heated air pass thru your herb and produce a large amount of thick vapor. The only drawback when it comes to vapor delivery is that the mouthpiece can get hot after prolonged use, even if it's not to bad it can be a bit annoying.

Manufacturer Warranty

Boundless give everyone that buys the Tera vaporizer a 3-year warranty that covers basically everything.

What's in the box?

  • 1 Boundless Tera vaporizer
  • 1 Glass mouthpiece
  • 2 LG 2500 mAh batteries
  • 1 Water pipe adapter
  • 1 Concentrate stainless steel pad
  • 5 Stainless steel chamber screens
  • 2 Mouthpiece screens (Not for the bottom of the oven)
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 1 USB charger
  • User Manual

Important: The Tera comes with extra screens. This screen is NOT a replacement screen for the bottom of the herb chamber. They are meant to be placed on to of your herbs.

Tera Vaporizer

Boundless Tera - Staff Opinion

The Tera will give you great value for the money you spend. It might not be very portable and the design is a bit bulky but it really delivers when it comes to everything else to make up for those drawbacks. The ultimate competitor for the boundless Terra would be the Mighty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel and I’d say the Terra will do really well if we compare it in a head to head matchup with the Mighty. Keep an eye out for that comparison article on our blog, it’s too good to not happen in the near future. To me all the positive aspects of the Tera vaporizer outweigh the negative ones and if you want a pretty portable vaporizer that produces a lot of vapor and got a very long battery for a decent price you have found your match in the Tera.


  • Bang for your buck
  • Battery life
  • Easy to clean
  • Tons of vapor.


  • The mouthpiece gets hot after continuous use
  • Bad build quality on buttons
  • The cleaning tools are not made well

Technical Specification

Adjustable Temperature Yes, between 40°C-220°C
Battery 2x Removable 18650 batteries
Charger Type USB
Heating Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Height 110mm
Includes Boundless Tera, Glass Mouthpiece, Water Piece Adapter, 5 Chamber Screens, 3 Mouthpiece Screens, Cleaning Brush, User Manual
Inhalation Method Direct-to-lung
Mouthpiece Glass
Substance Dry Herbs, Concentrates
Temperature Control Yes
Vaporization Method Convection
Width 40mm

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