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D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer

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  • Voted #1 by High Times magazine
  • Digital temperature control
  • 2-year warranty

Type: Dabbing

D-Nail Digital - E nail Vaporizer

E-nails from D-Nail. The D-Nail Digital Essential Oil Vaporizer is considered the best of the best when it comes to e-nail setups available right now. This new 1.3 version is an updated edition of the original 1.2 model which was so popular. The temperature of your heater coil and nail is maintained perfectly to an accuracy of within one degree and it is really easy to adjust thanks to the digital LCD screen which is on the front of the unit. Say goodbye to the lack of precision that you get from a torch, no more harsh hot hits or unsatisfying low temp dab fails, the D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer kit will revolutionise your dabbing experience and bring you into a whole new world of amazing flavors and serene highs. Included in the kit are a 220v D-Nail 1.2 Digital Control Station in black, a D-Nail slim series nail with two different bases to make sure your nail will fit any standard joint, a D-Nail 220v heater coil with kevlar sheath, a power cord and a full instruction manual. The unit is also covered by a two year warranty so you have piece of mind that it will be with you and working perfectly for a long long time. The main control station is available in a choice of colors which can be selected from the drop down menu.

Technical Specifications

includes E-nail, Heater Coil, Titanium nail, Carb cap and Power supply
joint Universal - 18mm M+F, 14mm M+F & 10mm M
joint angle 90 degrees
joint size Universal - 18mm M+F, 14mm M+F & 10mm M
nail style Titanium
**For legal use only