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DaVinci Miqro

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  • Miqro Features

  • For Dry Herb 
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 33% Smaller than its predecessor
  • 51 LED Dot Display
  • Zirconium Airflow System
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Removable 18350 battery
  • Micro-USB charging (can be used while charging)

  • Type: Portable

    Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer UK - Small But Powerful

    Meet Davinci’s newest dry herb vaporizer, the Davinci Miqro. It is said to be one of the smallest portable vaporizer and one of the bests too! It has a stylish, elegant design, excellent portability, a simple interface, and much more! Interested? 

    Davinci really stepped up their game compared to their previous vaporizers. The Miqro is just like the best ever Davinci IQ, but with portability, since it is 33% smaller than the IQ. Contrary to popular belief, the smaller size won’t really compromise the quality functionality of this dry herb vape. The Miqro is available in two versions, the “Explorer’s Collection” and the standard.

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    What is in the box

    What is the difference of the two MIQRO kits?

    Explorer’s Collection Kit Includes:

    • Davinci Miqro
    • Carrying case
    • Extra 18350 battery with carry can
    • Extended mouthpiece
    • Grinder card
    • USB cable
    • Cleaning kit
    DaVinci MIQRO Explorer’s Collection Kit

    Standard Kit includes:

    • Davinci Miqro
    • Extended mouthpiece
    • USB cable
    • Cleaning kit
    DaVinci MIQRO standard kit

     The Davinci Miqro features the most precise temp controls ever known, it enables you to explore a wider range of flavour with ease. It has an adjustable oven that allows you to customize the bowl size by up to 50%, perfect for accommodating different amounts of dry herb. You can simply unscrew the pearl on the bottom of the oven lid to minimize the chamber size so that you can use less material, without sacrificing vapour quality. The pearl on the Miqro is even sturdier than the one on IQ. But, because the Miqro is smaller than IQ, it also means that the chamber on the Miqro is significantly smaller. So you can only put a good amount of herb in the chamber, fit only for personal use.

    Temperature and heating

    This pocket-friendly device carries innovative Smart Path heat settings, designed for in-depth explorations of the many compounds that dry herb vapes have to offer. The Miqro features four pre-determined heat settings, with each spanning 20 degrees called smart paths. Each setting slowly climbs in temperature during your session, releasing different flavors and aroma with each increase.

    Davinci MIQRO
    • Smart Path 1 = 350F-370F (175-188°C)
    • Smart Path 2 = 370F-390F (188-199°C)
    • Smart Path 3 = 390F-410F (199-210°C)
    • Smart Path 4 = 410F-430F (175-221°C)

    You can also enter Boost Mode which makes the vaporizer go to max temperature, for those quick big hits. Or just simply switch over to precision temp control to enjoy full command over the heat settings, identifying the ideal temperature for your preferred dry herb, flavour, and potency level. The Miqro heats rapidly, and delivers smooth and rich hits. It also has a hidden feature—it displays 71 different positive affirmations randomly whenever the device is turned off.

    It also features a 100% pure ceramic zirconia air path, with heat resistant surfaces to withhold their chemical makeup when exposed to extreme heat, so that the resulting vapor is pure and authentic. The ceramic vapour path can withstand any grudges for long lasting authenticity. The adjustable oven extracts the essential flavors without causing any combustion. It delivers rich vapour flavors while its easy-to-clean design ensures quality and consistent vapor every session.

    Battery & Charge

    The ultraportable build of the Miqro fits comfortably in your pocket. It is enclosed with a sleek anodized aluminum casing but is, on the otherhand, still lightweight which is ideal for on-the-go. You can charge the removable and removable 18350 battery via USB so you can enjoy 1.5-2 hours of continuous vaping.

    The Miqro is also very easy to use. You can simply open the herb chamber, fill it up, and then close it. (PRO TIP: you can use the pearl to adjust the oven size before placing some herb in the chamber) After filling up, you click the power button 5 times to boot up the device. Once powered up, click the power button again to switch between precision heating and Smart Path mode. Use the up and down buttons to select the temperature or Smart Path. Once heating is complete, you can use your Miqro.

    Davinci Miqro Chamber UK

    Average battery life

    30-45 minutes continuous use

    Recharge time

    90-120 minutes

    What the manufacturer says about it

    DaVinci Vaporizer is of the top pioneers in the vaping industry. We are proud authorized resellers of their products and here is what they have to say about the new MIQRO. "- Visionary master of the arts & sciences, DaVinci challenged the limits of conventional wisdom. Like our namesake, we see opportunity where others see impossibility. Crafted to fit your lifestyle, we present to you, the DAVINCI MIQRO. 33% smaller than the IQ vaporizer and with a fully functional adjustable oven, we invite you to explore your life in MIQRO steps."

    What Customers Are Saying

    "I really like this small vaporizer, it fit in your pocket and backpack easily. 4 Stars because the battery life last long for 2 and a half session at maximum. So, definitely buy the kit with extra battery, accessories and travel case."


    The Miqro’s older brother, IQ, is one of the best vaporizers when it comes to delivering flavor. So it is expected that Miqro is just the same. Actually, Miqro makes micro-dosing easier because of its pearl. And it also allows more customization over each session. So it actually gives you more control than most larger vaporizers.

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    The only downside of Miqro is its battery life. You would only get about four sessions, each lasting around 5 minutes, before you would need to recharge or replace the battery. It is unfortunate that the battery life has to be sacrificed in order to get a sensational vaporizer in this portable size. Fortunately, the 18350 battery is removable, so you can just replace it when your battery runs out. It is a good thing that the Explorer’s Collection Kit includes an extra battery, so you can recharge the other battery when it runs out, while still using your trusty vaporizer.

    In conclusion, Miqro is the smallest, best vaporizer that will give you premium dry herb vaping experience. It offers a lot including customization and flexibility. And it also sports the dapper looks and style that the IQ has. If you don’t mind the short session that the Miqro has, you can always buy an extra battery to dodge that problem. And no wonder its taking UK by storm!

    Technical Specifications


    3.4cm by 7.9cm by 2.3cm



    Vapor Path

    Ceramic Zirconia Air Path

    Temperature range


    Temperature presets

    4 Smart Paths or single degree temperature control with Boost Mode

    Temperature settings

    Manual – by degrees or Smart Paths

    Heating element type/material


    Chamber/oven material


    Heat up time (in seconds)

    39 seconds

    Types of material usable inside

    Dry leaf

    Dry herb capacity (in grams)


    Control / setting interface

    Buttons on device (up/down/menu) / Multicolored LED screen

    Delivery method

    Direct pull

    Body material

    Anodized aluminum


    DaVinci Vaporizer

    Made in


    Designed in

    Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

    Release date

    Latest model 2018


    5 years

    Authorized Resellers

    Authorized Resellers

     This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product. 

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