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Smono Flowermate Pro 6


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Type: Portable

Meet the Smono Flowermate Pro 6

The Smiss Smono Flowermate Pro 6 is a versatile, affordable dual-use vaporizer with a number of interesting design quirks. Thanks to its precision temperature controls and a patented evaporation system, the Flowermate Pro 6 delivers premium quality vapor at a budget price. 

Best of all, the modular design of the Flowermate (featuring capsules for both herb and concentrates) allows you to easily switch between materials—without making a mess that requires heavy cleanup. At this price point, the Flowermate Pro 6 offers some of the best value for money of any device on the market today.

Smono Pro 6 Vaporizer Key Features

Small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, the Flowermate Pro 6 is no lightweight when it comes to technological innovation. Here are some of the most noteworthy things about it:

1. Design

The stainless steel body and medical grade glass mouthpiece give the Flowermate Pro 6 a sense of style, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Specifically, the black ceramic oven chamber. Heat resistant and dirt repellant, it can be filled with either a herbal capsule or a wax capsule so it’s easy to switch between materials. This also has the advantage that the chamber itself requires minimal cleaning.

2. Compatible With Dry Herb and Concentrates

No matter what your favourite material may be, the Flowermate Pro 6 can handle it. And unlike with other vaporizers, you won’t have to give the device a full scrub down when switching between dry herb and concentrates.

3. Long Battery Life

You can get up to 2.5 hours of continuous use with your Flowermate Pro 6, which gives it one of the best battery performances of any portable vaporizer. 

4. Pass-Through Charging

Even when you’re Flowermate Pro 6 is out of juice, you can keep vaping thanks to the pass-through charging feature. Just plug in the USB charging cable and keep the session rolling (the cycle time for a full charge takes a few hours).

5. OLED Display Screen

A large, bright screen on the side of the device shows the battery life, temperature, and other key information.

Who Should Buy the Smono Flowermate Pro 6 Vaporizer?

The Flowermate Pro 6 has been one of the brand’s top sellers ever since it came out. It seems to have a special appeal for:

  • People who like vaping both dry herb and concentrates. Whatever your preferred material may be, the Flowermate Pro 6 will turn it into delicious vapor with the press of a button.
  • People who want a durable vape. The glass mouthpiece should be handled with care, but the rugged body of the Flowermate Pro 6 will protect it from drops and spills.
  • People who want high-end performance at a budget price. If you want the features of a premium vape at a fraction of the cost, the Flowermate Pro 6 can deliver. 

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

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What’s in the Box

Smono Flowermate Pro 6 Vaporizer

USB Charging Cable

Liquid Capsule

Herb Capsule

Glass Mouthpiece

Extra Pusher

5x Stainless Steel Replacement Sieves

Tamping Tool and Brushes

User Manual

Technical Specifications


Dry herb, Oil, Concentrates

Temperature Range:

40°-230° C

Adjustable Airflow;





2600mAh Battery (From Samsung)

Battery Life: 

2.5 Hours

Sessions Per Charge:



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