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Dr Dabber Switch Review

January 07, 2019

Dr Dabber Switch Review

You got to know before you buy. Does the Switch measure up or will you be disappointed? We have reviewed it and taken the hassle of indecision away. Read to see if the Dr Dabber Switch suits you.

In this Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer review we’ll be talking about all the Dr. Dabber vaporizer’s strongest points and giving you an overall review regarding performance, vapor quality, temperature settings, and of course the design and materials used to create this great vaporizer.

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Dr Dabber Switch Review


Materials and Appearances

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Crafted from high quality materials such as high grade silicone, and very high quality glass, this unit is pretty much as good as it gets for high-quality-made vaporizers. You can tell as soon as you hold it in your hand and you feel the satin finish of the main body component that this Dr. Dabber vaporizer is the real deal.

Its eccentric but very “next generation” shape is a great example of the future of vaporizers. We love the way it is curved, and therefore the way it fits in anyone’s hand. Its accessories such as its mouthpiece, bubbler, and dab tool look very innovative, and function even better than expected. They offer a seamless but very modern look to the vaporizer which is rarely seen in other units.  

Additionally, it stands at around 9.5 inches tall without the bubbler, and approximately 13” inches with it on, so it definitely demands attention in the room. This is both good and bad because for this price point you definitely want it to look the part, but it does make this unit a bit less discreet when out and about.

However, it is so easy to use that you can get your hit in less than 1 minute, which is definitely one of the Dr. Dabber’s best qualities when it comes to quick accessibility and discreteness.

It is not, however, available in any other colors, styles, or sizes which may need a bit of improvement, since many people who have browsed these units wish they had more of a say when it comes to its appearance. We think it’s still quite fashionable and sophisticated, regardless of that. So whether that is a pro or a con is pretty much up to your personal preference.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is made for vaporizing oils, dabs, and dry herb which caters to practically everyone’s palates and preferences. The technology and engineering put into this unit is quite apparent when you use it with these various forms of herb, since there is a practically seamless transition between, say, the dab and the dry herb. We believe that this aspects speaks a lot about the quality of vaporizer, and its versatility in terms of preferences.

It comes with a wide variety of options for accessories, including the dab tool and  the detachable glass bubbler which are both amazing quality and amazing make.

Battery and Heating Technology

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Next on our Dr. Dabber review, we’ll talk about the vaporizer unit’s battery and heating systems because these seem to be many Dr. Dabber user’s favorite aspects of this unit.

The heat settings range from a whopping 300°F (149°C) all the way up to 800°F (427°C) with 25 different preset temperatures in between for optimal comfort and usability; which is one of the highest temperatures on any vaporizer on the market today, especially on this site.

The high heating is really great because, depending on what form of herb you’re vaping, it is always best to switch it up for each one, both depending on your preferences and depending on the best temperature on which to vaporize the form of herb you’re using. For instance, dry herb is best on high temperatures for that efficient heating necessary, and for wax or oils it is sometimes best on lower temperatures to get a slow and steady hit full of goodies.

The Dr. Dabber’s battery is also quite the star among vapers these days. Its battery life lasts for approximately 150 hits, which is absolutely amazing. The battery is charged by means of the charging cable included with your purchase, and charges to full potential in around 2 hours. This is pretty great, considering that the battery has such a huge amount of useable time, despite its short charging time. One can clearly see the battery’s quality and make by this.

The heating method is through a powerful induction heating system. The powerful battery conducts heat through the induction cups, making the heating process insanely quick and insanely powerful. Kudos to you, Dr. Dabber for that amazing technology.

Also, the Dr. Dabber Switch comes with a small switch at the bottom of the unit which lets you choose between a liquid form (indicated by the small water drop shape), and the herb form (indicated by the small leaf shape on the switch). We always recommend using this to let your device know what you’re vaping, and therefore it can function accordingly.

Switch Vapor Quality and Flavor

Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber vaporizer unit truly delivers its best when it comes to vapor production, vapor quality, and vapor taste. Many claim it is unique in this aspect, and we know that to be a fact!

Regardless of the temperature you’re vaping at, there being many as above mentioned, the vapor has an amazing taste and feels great in your lungs and mouth. It is actually quite hot, unlike many other vaporizers; but the taste remains phenomenal throughout your vaporizing session no matter what temperature or type of herb you’re vaping.

The quality of vapor is great with this innovative vaporizer. The Dr. Dabber vaporizer owners really love that they can always rely on getting the perfect hit every time from their amazing unit. Although it is a bit large, it is really easy to use, and it produces hits that definitely reflect its size, make, and quality; and on top of that, they always taste great no matter what you’re vaping.

Another awesome feature worth mentioning is its “self cleaning” option. This cuts out so much work and maintenance which is a really nice thing if you use your vaporizer for all occasions.

To conclude everything stated here in the Dr Dabber Switch Review, we really want to say how amazing the quality of this vaporizer is, and that it is truly worth every cent. We always want your experience to be the best of all, and we will not let you down at all with this Dr. Dabber vaporizer unit.

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