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Healthy Rips - Manufacturer Review

July 03, 2019

Healthy Rips - Manufacturer Review

Healthy Rips

Thanks to the rising popularity of vaporizers worldwide, there has been a booming number of new manufacturers and companies emerging. One of these new companies that are ‘making it big’ on the vape market, is Healthy Rips.

Out of the hundreds of vaporizer manufacturers on today’s market, Healthy Rips have been able to create units that stand out from their competition, and that is not something easy to do.

However, their popularity is not due to pure luck. By taking their precious time, Healthy Rips are always able to create vaporizers that are well-designed, well-planned, and well-made.

What Makes Healthy Rips Unique

So, what makes Healthy Rips stand out from a large number of vaporizer manufacturers in today’s market? Well, Healthy Rips has 3 main things that they like to offer and create in each of their units…

Health - One of the most important things that Healthy Rips likes keeping into consideration when designing and manufacturing their vaporizers is health. Unlike other manufacturers, they find much importance in creating units that are healthy.

To make this a possibility, they only choose materials that are safe for use. Instead of simply putting together a handful of cheap materials, they choose only quality, making their products safe and ‘healthy’.

Quality - Quality is important when it comes to vaporizers. If a vaporizer is not made from high-quality materials, it can’t offer what the users expect, need or deserve. When it comes to Healthy Rips units however, quality is always there.

By carefully designing their units, and using only the highest quality of materials, they are able to offer vaporizers that are designed to offer an enjoyable, quality experience.

Performance - This is one of the things that makes Healthy Rips unique. Unlike other manufacturers on the market, they like to carefully consider the performance of each of their units.

Thanks to this consideration, they are able to offer vaporizers that offer cooled, delicious vapor, evenly vaporized materials, and impressive vapor production. Performance is definitely what makes Healthy Rips vaporizers stand out.

Healthy Rips Vaporizers

Unlike some manufacturers on the market, Healthy Rips offers a variety of vaporizers, but they all have something in common. All of Healthy Rips vaporizers are portable units that use convection heating to offer quality vapor.

Healthy Rips offers 4 vaporizers, each with their own unique qualities. All 4 of these Healthy Rips vaporizers became quickly popular, thanks to the vape communities love for what Healthy Rips offers. These are the 4 quality vaporizers Healthy Rips offers.


Out of Healthy Rips vaporizers, the Force is one of their more ‘heavy-duty’ units. This unit is so impressive that it has been compared to the Crafty by Storz and Bickle. With this type of power, the Force is definitely for those that want a stronger vape.

However, there is more up to the Force’s sleeve. The Healthy Rips Force boasts a handful of qualities that makes it stand out from its competition and has made it a favorite in the community.

Monster Cloud Vape - One of the reasons that the Force has been compared to the Crafty, is because it is capable of producing monster clouds of delicious vapor. With the Force, monster clouds are what you get always.

Versatility - Not only is the Force capable of producing monster clouds of vapor, but it is able to do so from 2 different types of materials: dry herb and wax. Thanks to this, users are able to enjoy a versatile vape experience.

Easy Temperature Settings - Another great thing about the Force is its preset temperature settings. I have four settings: Green-338 degrees Fahrenheit, blue-356, red-374, and purple-410.

Quality Build - The Force, like all Healthy Rips vaporizers, is made from high-quality materials. From its magnetically attached mouthpiece to its anodized aluminum and rubber body, the Force is designed to withstand years and years of wear and tear.

Fury 2

The Fury 2 by Healthy Rips is the improved version of their older unit, the Fury. The moment this improved, upgraded unit was released, it becomes a favorite. Not only is it an improved version of the Fury, but it is more impressive than many of its competition.

The Fury 2 is a Hybrid conduction vaporizer that is capable of producing, clean, cooled vapor, with delicious flavor. This unit also has a handful of unique qualities that make it special.

Portable - Although all vaporizers that are crafted by Healthy Rips are considered portable, the Fury 2 was made specifically to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Thanks to its portability, users are able to enjoy delicious vapor wherever they go.

Durable - Unlike other fragile vaporizers on the market, the Fury 2 was designed and crafted to withstand daily wear and tear, and to last long intoz the future. With this unit, users don’t have to worry about dropping their vape; it’s basically indestructible.

Quick and Efficient - The Fury 2 is able to reach an impressive temperature of 350 degrees in 20 seconds. This means that users get to enjoy vapor whenever they need it, without having to wait.

Easy to Use - Another great thing about the Fury 2 is the ease of use it offers users. With the Fury 2, users don’t have to deal with complicated instruction and features. The Fury is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to enjoy.


The Fierce vaporizer is Healthy Rips most recent vaporizer, and although it was only recently released, it has already become incredibly popular. The community knows that Healthy Rips offers quality, so they can’t wait to see what’s new.

One of the things that have made the Fierce skyrocket in popularity is the fact that it’s considered the ‘big brother’ of the already popular Fury 2. “Can it get better than the Fury 2?”, Yes it can, and the Fierce is here to prove it.

Delicious - What’s better than delicious, quality vapor? Nothing. And Healthy Rips knows that better than anyone. With the Fierce vaporizer, they held back nothing and made a unit that is capable of producing smooth, delicious vapor always.

Durable Build - Thanks to the quality materials that the Fierce boasts, it is able to be categorized as a long-lasting, durable unit. Users don’t have to worry about using this unit on a daily basis; it was designed to last long into the future.

Long-Lasting Battery - One of the things that makes the Fierce stand out from other Healthy Rips vaporizers is its long-lasting battery. This unit offers up to 120 minutes of continual use. With the Fierce, users are able to enjoy long vape sessions always.

Powerful Convection Heating - Healthy Rips is known for manufacturing quality convection heating vaporizers, but they really took it to the next level with the Fierce. It is capable of always vaporizing materials evenly and efficiently thanks to its convection heating.

Easy to Use - Like other Healthy Rips vaporizers, the Fierve vaporizer was designed to offer ease of use and to allow users to experience a stress-free, enjoyable experience. Thanks to this units ease of use, it is easy to enjoy.

As you can see, each of the vaporizers that Healthy Rips offers was made to offer only quality, health, and performance. Healthy Rips vaporizer will continue being a favorite in the vape community, thanks to their incomparable quality.

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