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Pax 2 Review

February 05, 2019

Pax 2 Review

PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

The PAX vaporizer company has earned its fame by building some of the world’s most fashionable, functional and user-friendly dry herb vaporizers. People have compared PAX devices to Apple products in their elegant simplicity, and we feel the comparison is apt. Thanks to the release of the new PAX 3, the PAX 2 is no longer the newest PAX device. The PAX 2 remains a compelling buy, though, because it costs significantly less than the PAX 3 while having many of the same features. If you decide to buy the PAX 2, you can be confident that you’ll still most likely be getting the best vaporizer you’ve ever owned – even if the PAX 3 is better in some respects.

So, if you’re in the market for a new vaporizer today, what’s the best choice for you? Should you get the PAX 2, or should you hold out for the newer PAX 3? In this review, we’ll provide some information that can help to make your buying decision easier.

What’s Included

The PAX 2 kit costs $149 and includes the following:

  • PAX 2 vaporizer
  • USB charging cradle
  • Two mouthpieces
  • Cleaning kit

For comparison’s sake, the PAX 3 costs $199 and includes a similar collection of accessories if you buy the device only. If you buy the full PAX 3 kit, it’ll cost $249 – but you’ll also receive several accessories that cost a significant amount of money to buy separately.

Features and Specifications

  • Oven Temperatures: 360, 380, 400 and 420 °F
  • Oven Capacity: About .35 grams when packed tightly
  • Oven Type: Conduction
  • Material Compatibility: Dry herbs only (officially)
  • Fast Oven Heating: Usable in about 45 seconds
  • Simple Controls: One physical button plus gesture controls; provides feedback via LED lights
  • Senses Your Lips: The PAX 2 uses motion detection and lip sensing technology to cool the oven when you aren’t inhaling
  • Stealth Mode: Disables the external lights for discreet nighttime vaping
  • Easy Cleanup: Simple design makes it easy to keep your PAX 2 working its best
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Hidden Features: There’s a party in every PAX!

Vaporizer Performance

The PAX 2 vaporizer oven heats in about 45 seconds. Although that’s about double the heating time of the PAX 3, it’s still less than a minute – which isn’t that bad. Once the PAX 2 gets going, it uses its lip sensing and motion detection technologies to conserve your material. When the PAX 2 detects your lips, it boosts the oven temperature. When your lips aren’t touching the mouthpiece, the PAX 2 cools the oven. When you haven’t moved the PAX 2 in a while, the oven shuts off automatically. 

Compared to the original PAX vaporizer, the PAX 2 also features an improved heating element that warms your material more consistently and ensures that your material reaches the optimal vaporizing temperature all the way through to the center of the oven. With the PAX 2, it’s no longer necessary to open the oven periodically for stirring. 

Vaping Experience

What’s New About the PAX 2?

If you’re currently using the original PAX vaporizer, you’ll love the redesigned button of the PAX 2 because it’s no longer necessary to remove the mouthpiece to change the oven temperature. To change the temperature of the PAX 2, simply push the mouthpiece down for two seconds. Press the mouthpiece briefly to cycle to a different temperature. When you’re happy with the temperature, shake the vaporizer or hold the mouthpiece down for two seconds. 

Enabling Stealth Mode

If you’re vaping at night and don’t want the bright lights of the PAX 2 to draw attention, enable stealth mode by shaking the vaporizer gently before you turn it on. Continue shaking the device during the startup sequence. In stealth mode, the PAX 2 lights glow a dim white and do not change color while you vape. To exit stealth mode, turn the PAX 2 off.

Enabling Party Mode

One of the coolest things about the PAX 2 is that it has some built-in games and light shows. To play with the party mode on your PAX 2, rotate the vaporizer three times while holding it horizontally. The PAX 2 switches to a new party mode each time you perform the triple-rotation movement. The people at PAX Labs have actually created more party modes than can fit in the memory of the PAX 2 – so every PAX 2 has a random assortment of party modes. No two PAX 2 units are exactly the same. Rotate your PAX 2 to see what party modes it has. It’s a great way to keep yourself entertained during those long vaping sessions!

Cleaning the PAX 2

An expensive vaporizer loses many of its benefits if you don’t keep it clean. The PAX 2 has a medical-grade stainless steel vapor path. If the vapor path is caked with old resin and herb fragments, though, you won’t taste the delicate terpenes in your material; you’ll just taste burned popcorn. Thankfully, one of the best features of the PAX 2 is that it is incredibly easy to clean. To clean the PAX 2, all that you need to do is soak the three removable parts – the oven lid, the mouthpiece and the screen – in alcohol for a while. After soaking the parts, rinse them in water and dry them. To clean the vapor path, soak a pipe cleaner in alcohol and run it down the PAX 2’s center tube. When you’re done, turn the vaporizer on and run it for a few minutes to evaporate the remaining alcohol.

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Does the PAX 2 Work With PAX 3 Accessories?

Yes. Although the PAX Labs website doesn’t specifically state that the PAX 3 concentrate insert and half-pack oven lid work with the PAX 2, anecdotal reports on social media suggest that both accessories work with the PAX 2. Keep in mind, though, that the PAX 3 concentrate insert costs nearly $50 on its own. If you want to use the concentrate insert and don’t already own the PAX 2 vaporizer, you might want to buy the PAX 3 vaporizer kit instead. The PAX 3 vaporizer kit has a price only $50 higher than those of the PAX 2 and concentrate insert combined.

Should I Buy the PAX 2 or the PAX 3?

If you want a reliable, stylish and user-friendly vaporizer and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, the PAX 2 is a solid choice. It shares many of its best features with the PAX 3, including the following:

  • Efficient oven
  • Stylish design
  • Lip sensing and motion detection technologies
  • Built-in party modes

If you buy the PAX 3 instead, you’ll get the following:

  • Bluetooth control and mobile app
  • Extra custom temperature setting
  • Built-in dynamic vaping modes
  • Faster oven heating time
  • Better conservation of material

If any of the items in the above list are important to you, it’s probably best to get the PAX 3. You’ll get all of those features regardless of whether you buy the device only or the full kit.

Pax 2 vs Pax 3 Full Review

pax 2 review

PAX 2 Review: The Bottom Line

With PAX’s generous warranties, high-quality devices and eminent sense of style, buying a PAX vaporizer is never a wrong decision. The PAX 3 is enough of an improvement over the PAX 2 that we suggest giving it your strong consideration if you can afford the slightly higher price tag. If you need an inexpensive portable dry herb vaporizer that looks great and offers a fun vaping experience, though, the PAX 2 is a strong choice.


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This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with Pax 2 vaporizer.

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