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VapCap OmniVap Review

September 04, 2018

VapCap OmniVap Review

VapCap OmniVap Review

This small portable vaporizer is the ultimate in discreet vaping and offers a good quality vapour considering that it uses a flame lighter or other heat source instead of a battery and heating element. This VapCap OmniVap Review takes apart the device and evaluates every part of the experience.

In the Box

The VapCap OmniVap comes with:

  • OmniVap Titanium Body (x1)
  • OmniVap Titanium Tip (x1)
  • OmniVap Titanium Mouthpiece (x1)
  • Compatible VapCap Stainless Steel Cap (x1)
  • Storage Container (x1)

This is a simple device by nature and requires no fancy add-ons or features.

First Impressions

VapCap OmniVap Review

It is a tiny device but has a satisfying weight and a feel of quality to it. This is the very essence of vaping, it does not get simpler than this. A small chamber, a cooling pathway and a mouthpiece essentially. It might at first feel like an odd thing to spend around $160 on, but when it is filled with dry herbs or extract a surprisingly high quality vapour is produced.

Build Quality

No stainless steel here other than the heating cap, the OmniVap is otherwise made entirely from titanium, making it light, incredibly tough and a very efficient heat sink. The parts are milled to a very high tolerance and fit together seamlessly. It is easy to take apart and does not jam. Very impressive quality.

VapCap OmniVap Review

Using the OmniVap

Unscrew the vaping chamber, add the (preferably coarse ground) dry herb or extract, screw it back on, heat the cap with a butane torch or torch lighter, wait for the click that indicates it is at the right temperature and pull, twisting the mouthpiece to adjust the flow of vapour. When the OmniVap has cooled past the optimum vaping temperature, it will click again. The device rarely heats up enough to be noticeable on the fingers.

Vapour Quality

The crucial part: does it produce high quality vapour? Users should not expect an OmniVap to compete with the likes of a volcano, but it does hold its own against some other portable vaporizers with batteries. It can take a little practice to get the temperature right with a lighter but when it has been mastered, along with the adjustable condenser that allows changeable amounts of air into the chamber, it can produce cool, tasty and thick vapour clouds. Turn the mouthpiece to change the airflow: low airflow creates thicker vapour, high flow creates creamier and tastier vapour.

VapCap OmniVap Review

As the OmniVap Titanium only offers one temperature “preset” (the click), the precision available on other vapes is not available here. For those wanting specific temperatures for specific products or effects, they should look elsewhere. This vaporizer is made for quick and convenient vapes, not epic sessions.


Due to its tiny size and cigar like appearance, this is possibly the most discreet portable vaporizer on the market that provides a high quality vape. It is not visible when put in a pocket or in the handy box it comes in, and can be disassembled quickly and easily for extra discretion. It can be heated to the desired temperature in just a few seconds for the quickest vape around, perfect for crowded situations or public places.


Cleaning the OmniVap Titanium is a breeze: it comes apart incredibly easily with a few twists and every part of the vapour pathway is easily accessible and cleanable. A pipe cleaner and a bit of a mild solvent like rubbing alcohol or dishwashing liquid will have the device clean in no time at all. As titanium is extremely unreactive, it is never going to corrode and rust.

Useful Statistics

  • Body: titanium
  • Dimensions: 9.2cm by 4.5cm (circumference)
  • Heating time: 2-10 seconds
  • Temperature settings: the click indicates correct temperature
  • Weight: 13g
  • Heating type: condenser
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Basically indestructible


This VapCap OmniVap review concludes that this is by a long way the toughest portable vaporizer on the market. There are videos of people trying to destroy it by driving enormous vehicles over it or hitting it with hammers to no avail. The nigh on indestructible titanium body also provides an extremely efficient heat sink, cooling the vapour sufficiently by the time it gets to the mouth. This makes the vapour of comparable quality to some battery powered portable vaporizers.

This is the premium non-battery vaporizer and commands a premium price. It is, however, extremely durable, offers a level of control not seen on other vaporizers with the adjustable air flow, and will last a lifetime.

VapCap OmniVap Review


Discretion is one of the major selling points of the OmniVap, and every VapCap OmniVap review will attest to the ease of use, fast heating time and ultimate discretion.

This Trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer.

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