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Zeus Arc GT

July 19, 2019

Zeus Arc GT

Zeus Arc GT

There has been some ‘talk’ in the vape community about the new Zeus Arc GT, and although I don’t consider myself a trend-follower, I found myself quickly becoming interested in this unit.

With hundreds of users claiming that it offers some of the best-tasting vapour and vapour production, I finally decided to see for myself if this portable dry herb vaporizer was actually worth all the hype or not.

What Makes the Zeus Arc GT Unique?

One of the first things I wanted to know about the Zeus Arc GT, is why it was becoming so popular, and what made it stand out from the thousands of other vape units on the market.

What I found is that its a unit that has some fancy features. One of the features that stand out the most about this unit, is its gold vapour path, and chamber. Yes, gold.

Unlike other vape units that are made from stainless steel, the Zeus Arc GT boasts a vapour path and chamber made from actual gold. Talk about fancy!

However, it's gold vapour path is not the only thing that makes this unit stand out from its competition. It boasts a handful of innovative, futuristic features too.

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What I love About the Zeus Arc GT

So, after receiving my unit, and pulling it out of its fancy packaging, it was time to actually try the unit, and see if all the talk about delicious vapour was true.

Delicious Vapour - Disappointed? Actually, the complete contrary. After using the Zeus Arc a few times, I found that the hype about its vapour production and taste was not just talk.

The Zeus Arc uses powerful conducting heating to offer big clouds with a smooth, non-restricted draw. I was definitely impressed with my first Zeus Arc GT vape sessions, and I continue to be more than satisfied with the vapour quality it offers.

Impressive Performance - The quality the Zeus Arc GT offers is not from pure luck. Thanks to its gold path cooling, its accelerometer, and triple temperature cycles, this unit is able to always offer the best performance.

Even Heating - The Zeus Arc GT boasts something called GoldSink technology, that is only found in this unit. This smart technology allows heat to be distributed evenly, preventing combustion or overheating.

Fast Heat-Up Time - There’s nothing better than a vaporizer that can offer quality vapour in record time, and that’s exactly what the Zeus Arc GT is capable of. This unit can produce monster clouds of vapour in under 45 seconds.

Powerful Heating - Another feature that makes this unit great is its powerful battery. The Zeus Arc GT vaporizers last around 90 minutes of continual use before it needs to be recharged.

Portable - Unlike other units on today’s market, this unit is considered a compact, portable unit. This allowed me to enjoy delicious vapour on the go easily, in a discreet, stress-free way.

Easy to Maintain - Instead of having to worry about tedious maintenance and cleaning, the Arc GT only requires very simple maintenance. Thanks to its isolated air path, it’s cleaning is very easy, which allowed me to enjoy this unit even more.

Multi-Tool - A great touch from the manufacturers of the Zeus Arc GT is the super useful multi-tool that comes with this unit. This tool can be used for stirring, tampering and emptying dry herbs from the chamber.

What I Didn’t Love About the Zeus Arc GT

So, as you can see, I found a large number of things to love about the Zeus Arc GT. There is simply so much to love about this unit! With the quality features it boasts, it's hard to complain.

However, like all units, the Zeus Arc GT is not perfect. And after using this unit continuously, I found a few things that I simply did not like.

Expensive - One of the first things that made me hesitate before purchasing this unit was its price. Although now I could fully see that this unit is made to offer the absolute best vape experience, making its price more than worth it.

However, for those looking for a unit that is on the cheaper side, the Zeus Arc is not the best unit. Set at over $200, this unit is definitely not cheap.

Non-Removable Battery - Although I have grown to love this units powerful battery, I still don’t like the fact that it is non-removable.

It makes charging on the go complicated, and it can sometimes be troublesome. A great upgrade would be a removable-battery.

Not Versatile - Another thing that I didn’t love about the Zeus Arc GT is that can only vaporize dry herbs. Unlike other units on the market that can vaporize a wide variety of materials, the Zeus Arc GT limits users to only dry herbs.

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Is the Zeus Arc GT Worth It?

After getting the pleasure of being able to use this awesome vaporizer, and experiencing for myself the real quality it was made to offer, I can honestly say that it is more than worth it.

After using it the first few times, I immediately noticed that all the talk and all the hype about this unit was not fake. It is definitely one of the best units on today’s market.

However, that does not mean that it is perfect for everyone. Due to its higher price when compared to other similar vape units, I would say that this unit is perfect for those that are willing to pay for quality.

I also think that the Zeus Arc GT is better for those that enjoy vaping only dry-herbs.  With its not versatile vape capabilities, I find that this unit is ideal for dry herb vape lovers only.

Furthermore, although I do not think that the Zeus Arc GT is perfect for everyone, I believe that this unit should at least be on your must-try list, for it is definitely one of the best units on today’s market.

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