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The Arizer Collection

Arizer’s collection comprises all that a vaper could need. They have larger desktop vaporizers like the Extreme Q which include options like balloons and whips style vaporizers as well as portable vaporizers for on-the-go discreet vaping like the Arizer Go. The collection has excellent features: a choice of heat settings, super-fast heat up times, pass through charging, long-life batteries and are suitable for vaping dry herbs.  With their range of Extreme Q accessories, they are perfect for those new to vaping as well as the experience. If you want an Arizer Desktop.

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo vaporizer is the original model and it’s still one of the best ones around. The temperature control, smaller lightweight design with a lithium battery that lasts, and fast-heat ceramic heating chamber means that it’s still a popular choice, even for experienced vapers. It has seven digital temperature settings permitting versatile use but is still an easy-to-use device. Arizer has released a newest model with battery improved

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Arizer Solo 2

Arizer’s first model evolved into their Arizer Solo II and has been claimed to be the best vaporizer in 2017.  Like the Arizor Solo, it has a clean flavour that would take a lot to be rivalled. It has a ceramic heating element and stainless-steel oven for your herbs. It has a complete LCD screen so that you can easily adjust the temperature in increments of 10 degrees or one degree if you want ultimate accuracy. The battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge but you can have an impressive 20 vaping sessions on one charge.

arizer solo 2 convection

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Arizer Air

Next on our list is the Arizer Air. The original Air is perfectly portable and has the full-glass path including the glass stems that Arizer is famous for. It is multi-purpose for both aromatherapy and dry herbs with the Arizer patented hybrid heating and variable controls. It comes with pre-loadable glass tubes so that it’s easy to use and discreet.

Its design is small and perfectly portable. The Arizer Air is essentially the next step up from the Solo and the Arizer Solo 2. There are five different temperature settings indicated by different coloured LED lights and it can reach the highest of the temperatures in just two minutes.

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Arizer air 2 uk best price

Arizer Air 2

The Arizer Air has also evolved into the Arizer Air 2. This model has 50% more powerful batteries and is easy to maintain and use with custom settings for your sessions. It charges much more quickly than its predecessor and holds charge for longer. It can be used with dry herbs and for aromatherapy purposes.

The isolated air path with borosilicate glass ensures that the vapour is flavourful and pure.  It also has the pre-loaded tubes and spare batteries in the carrying case so that you are never caught short when you need to vape.  It’s simple and easy to use without gimmicks or apps. It also has an improved temperature range in comparison to its first Air vaporizer. However, if we are comparing to other Arizers, this one lacks the power of the Solo 2. In terms of other product comparisons, this is often likened to the cheaper DaVinci Miqro, however, its rival does not match it in terms of power, durability and ease of use. The Arizer Air 2 is one of the best portable vapes.

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Arizer ArGo

The Arizer ArGo is meticulously and innovatively engineered.  It’s powerful but really compact – an Arizer that you really can use on the GO, as the name perpetuates. It has all the same quality standards as the other Arizers but also has push-top glass mouthpiece protection and high capacity batteries that are rechargeable and interchangeable.  It can be used while charging via micro USB connection. There’s a screen displaying battery life and temperature settings and you can even control its brightness. Read any Arizer ArGo review and you will see that, if you’re after an extremely portable vape then this one ticks a lot of boxes.

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arizer extreme q desktop vaporizer uk

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Next, let’s look at one of Arizer’s desktop vaporizers: The Extreme Q.  This Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is the only one on the market that can be remotely activated. You can set your vape temperature and activate the whole device with the remote control within a range of about four meters. There’s a digital display where you can see all of the default and optional settings. There’s also the new triple heat sensor which disperses the heat more efficiently allowing for a better vaping experience.

With Extreme Q vaporizer, you have the choice of using a forced-air system to fill the bags or using a whip. With a whip, you can try to get the vapour without the assistance of a fan or you can use the forced air. Recent improvements to this model include a faster ceramic heating unit which is 80% quieter than before. Overall, this is a durable home vaporizer. 

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Arizer V-Tower

The Arizer V Tower is a whip-style vaporizer that heats the air through the botanical as it flows, not in the heating chamber.   It has a simple panel to control it and a stainless steel casing. It does take longer to heat up than other vaporizers but the vapour is well worth the wait.  It’s operated in a similar way to the Extreme Q. As for value for money, the Arizer V Tower is almost unbeatable. It may not be as advanced as other models but it does what you expect, reliably and effortlessly.

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Overall Comparison

Arizers are well-known in the trade for being top quality, versatile and durable vaporizers.  When choosing an Arizer, you are choosing between a host of high quality vaporizers. In the last decade, Arizer has released no fewer than seven of the best vaporizers in both portable and desktop designs. Both their original offerings in terms of portable vapes in the Solo and the Air have been improved and upgraded to the Air 2 and Solo 2, showing the company’s drive to listen to its customers. Meanwhile, with V-Tower and Extreme Q have made noteworthy additions to their catalogue.  The latest option, the Arizer ArGo, has captivated the vaporizing audience with its small size and substantial power combined.

I don’t think it’s in any doubt that Arizer will stay still in this fast-paced vaporizer market – their history in the last decade says that they’ll always be striving for more.  I’m sure many of us are excited about what their next offerings will be. Meanwhile, we have a fantastic choice of vaporizers from the company which will suit any budget and any needs that you may have.