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FireFly 2 Plus - Cleaning Guide

August 28, 2019

FireFly 2 Plus - Cleaning Guide


The newest addition to the Firefly collection is the Firefly 2 Plus. It is complete with numerous new features such as cooling technology, improved battery, and a lower cost.

With it being the newest addition, some of our customers have been wondering “how to clean Firefly 2+ vaporizers?”, so on their request, here is the step by step guide on how to clean the FireFly 2 Plus.

FireFly 2 + Cleaning Guide

Step 1

The Firefly 2+ comes with a cleaning kit, which is super convenient. But if you have your preferred cleaning supplies, make sure you keep them on hand.

First, you need to make sure the unit is completely cooled down. Then, remove the battery to protect it during the cleaning process, and make sure you’re safe.

Also, by doing this, you will expose the heating chamber and the cooling path, which is all you need to clean.

Step 2

Now, once the heating chamber is exposed, you have a clear view of what you need to clean. So, once you’ve assessed the situation, you can proceed to getting your cleaning supplies, and cleaning the chamber.

While cleaning the heating chamber, you should make sure you’re not being too harsh on the unit. So if you have some residue that’s hard to clean, just take your time, maybe use a little bit of cleaning solution, and work on it until it’s clean.

Also, once you have cleaned the heating chamber well, make sure you completely dry it off. This will ensure that the battery is safe and that you don’t get water in your product either.

Step 3

The next step is removing the cap/mouthpiece from the bottom of the unit. You can easily do it by gently wiggling it out.

Then, using a thinner cleaning tool, such as a little pick or something along those lines, you can work at the cap, making sure to be gentle, but also making sure you get all the buildup from the mouthpiece/cap.

We recommend going back and using a pipe cleaner after using the pick in order to make sure you get all the smaller particles that might have escaped you the first time.

Once you are satisfied with your amazing cleaning job, you can go ahead and pop the cap back into place. Make sure you feel it click in place!

Pro Tips

The best tip we can give you is to make sure your unit is always clean. You can do this by wiping out the heating chamber and the cap after each use.

Every few sessions (try to keep it between every 2 or 3 sessions), you should definitely go in and do a deep clean, as demonstrated above.

This is just to make sure of 2 main things: that the vapor is always tasty and clean, and that the air paths don’t get clogged with residue and lose product.

Also, we suggest giving the outside a nice wipe down every once in a while, because sometimes residue can get in the strangest places -- including the outside!

If you’re not sure how to take the unit apart or are having trouble identifying these different parts, you can always take a look at the guide sent to you with the unit, and get a little more acquainted with your unit. But don’t worry, it’s super simple!

Contact us if you have any further doubts, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you at any point along the way.

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