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Pax produces top of the range portable vaporizers made for the beginner and connoisseur alike. Pax currently has 3 different vaporizers on the market, the Pax (previously known as Pax by Ploom), the Pax 2 and the Pax 3. These vaporizers come equipped with multiple sensors for measuring temperature as well as an accelerometer which detects movement. These are smart, battery powered vaporizers that offer a revolutionary solution to smoking herbs in public. The Pax is able to sense when your lips touch it, this automatically activates the heater which then turns on and starts heating the packed material in the oven. The Pax vaporizers have special insulation that keep the exterior of the Pax vape cool while the the oven is able to heat up the packed loose leaf herbs to temperatures as high as 455 degrees Fahrenheit. Pax labs has incorporated outstanding technology in the design of their portable vapes.