PAX 3 vs FireFly 2 Plus | Comparison

PAX 3 vs FireFly 2 Plus | Comparison

April 27, 2020

PAX 3 vs FireFly 2 Plus | Comparison

The PAX 3 and the FireFly 2 Plus are fairly similar vapes in price range, features, and even design in some ways, and this makes it hard to pick the best one for you, doesn’t it?

Well, we’re here to make your day way easier by comparing both vaporizers to hopefully help point you in the right direction when choosing one or the other. Let’s get to it!

The PAX 3 | PAX Labs

The PAX 3 is the newest addition to the PAX collection, though it’s been on the market for a good amount of time. Since its debut, it has attracted a lot of attention thanks to its iconic PAX design, its incredible improvements, and its overall technology. 

It produces great vapor, is practically life-proof thanks to its high-quality materials, and it is revered in its simplicity. Though small and compact, the PAX 3 really packs a punch and has all the right features to make your vaping experience amazing.

The FireFly 2 Plus | FireFly

The FireFly 2 Plus vaporizer is also the newest addition to the FireFly vaporizer collection, and it is a beautiful improvement of the FireFly 2 vaporizer. It boasts many similar features as its previous version, but it also has its own set of unique features that make it to the top.

Its features are well-loved, and its unique design which resembles a traditional style straight pipe is very fun to vape from. Not only is it small, but it’s also very light and easy to carry, so it’s the perfect companion on your adventures!

The Basics: Feature Comparison




$239.99 CAD


$286.77 CAD

Dry Herb and Concentrates

Compatible With

Dry Herb and Concentrates

Less Than 22 Seconds

Heat-up Time

Less Than 10 Seconds

4 Preset Temperatures

(Adjustable via the PAX App)

Temperature Settings/Manual adjustment?

6 Preset Temperatures

(Adjustable via the FireFly App)

Conduction Heating

Heating Element

Convection Heating


App Required?



Oven Material



Oven Capacity


Stainless Steel

Vapor Path

Borosilicate Glass


Removable battery?


8 to 10 Sessions

(5 - 7 Draws per Session)

Sessions per charge

Up to 6 Sessions 

(5 - 7 Draws per Session)

2.5 Hours via USB

90 Minutes via AC Adapter

Charge time

+/- 45 Minutes


(medium resistance)

Draw resistance


(quite a bit of resistance)


Vapor Smoothness



(some claim the vapor from concentrates is a bit hot)



(equally great with dry herb and concentrates)


Odor Level



Country of Origin


Look and Feel

In terms of look and feel, the Firefly 2 Plus and the PAX 3 vaporizers are both similar and very different. The PAX 3 has a sleeping body with no mouthpiece or pop-out buttons, and its display is composed of four LED flower petals on the top of the vaporizer. It comes in beautiful colors and has a very elegant look to it.

The FireFly 2 Plus vaporizer also has a sleek look, but it is complete with a visible herb chamber and a stick-out mouthpiece, which gives it its own unique look. It also comes in a rainbow of different colors and finishes, and people love its overall feel when vaping it. 

Heating Method

 The PAX 3 is complete with a full conduction heating system which was improved from the previous PAX 2 version. It is powerful and does an amazing job of vaporizing both dry herbs and concentrates. 

The FireFly 2 Plus is complete with a dynamic convection heating system, and through this, it can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates without making the vapor too hot for comfort. Its heating method is powerful but not overbearing and can be controlled easily.

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Temperature Range, Controls, and Heat Up Times

The PAX 3 boasts a temperature range of 360°F - 420°F (182°C - 215°C), which is perfect for vaping dry herbs on lower temperatures and vaping concentrates on the higher settings.

It has 4 preset temperatures which you can alter between by pressing a single button, and which can be adjusted via the PAX mobile app. The PAX 3 has a heat-up time of no more than 22 seconds.

The fireFly 2 Plus vaporizer has a temperature range of 284°F - 428°F (140°C - 220°C) which is fairly more flexible than the temperature range of the PAX 3, but not as flexible as other vapes around.

It has 6 preset temperatures which you can alternate through using a button, and which can be set via the FireFly mobile app. The FireFly 2 Plus has a heat-up time of fewer than 10 seconds.

Vapor Quality and Taste

The PAX 3 offers incredible vapor no matter what type of materials you vape in it, however, some people do claim that the vapor can be a little sub-par when vaping concentrates because it can be a bit too hot.

The FireFly 2 Plus has incredible vapor quality, and this doesn’t change no matter what type of material you vape with it. Vaping dry herbs on a lower heat setting will allow you to experience the most flavor, and vaping concentrates on the higher setting will give you great clouds.

PAX 3 vs FireFly 2 Plus: Pros and Cons




Powerful Conduction Heating

Dynamic Convection Heating

Great Vapor Quality with Dry Herb

Amazing Vapor Quality with Dry Herb and Concentrates

Very Sleek and Discreet

Wider Temperature Range

Good Battery Life

Short Charging Time




Not Great with Concentrates

Smaller Chamber

Needs Mobile App

Needs Mobile App

No Adjustable Airflow

Restrictive Draw

Non-Removable Battery

Shorter Battery Life

Which is Better For Whom?

If you’re looking for a well-trusted and well-known vaporizer that you can use with both dry herbs and concentrates, then the PAX 3 is your next best friend. It has an amazing set of features, very few cons that aren’t even deal-breakers for many, and it is world-famous for its amazing performance and its unique look.

For a lower price than the FireFly 2 Plus you can get a superb vaporizer that will allow you to enjoy each and every session with it.

If you want a vaporizer that’s different from the rest, that has its own design and method, and that offers dynamic convection heating for both dry herbs and concentrates, the FireFly 2 Plus is an absolute must.

Its features such as 6 preset temperatures, mobile app compatibility, and amazing vapor with both dry herb and concentrate, you’ll get your extra dollars back in satisfaction for sure! We love the FireFly 2 Plus and we know you will too.

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